Pilates with Nikki 'Online'

Located: Long Jetty, Central Coast NSW

Studio owner: Nikki Jury 

Nikki, Is there a mixture of classes you are offering to your audience? 

Our online Studio has over 60 pre-recorded classes including Pilates, Barre, Flow, Stretch classes and Tutorials. Classes range from 5-50 minutes and there is a broad range of workouts including; Full Body, Arms/Legs, Abdominals, & Stretch/Release. We also have an exclusive members only Facebook group, which offers a live 'Flow & Bubbles' class every Friday afternoon!

Your classes sound like fun! How many can we expect to see weekly? 

There are around 1-5 brand new workouts added to the Online Studio library each week, plus the live Friday Flow & Bubbles class.


What can we look forward to seeing in your online classes? what makes them unique? 

Our online workouts are perfect for all ages and levels, as there are many variations given throughout the classes to suit beginners and advanced. Nikki is a highly trained and thorough Instructor, focusing on technique, to ensure you get the very best out of every session. She might lose count every now and then, but it's good for you to do a few extra reps!

We can't wait to try! Tell us more about your tutorials and special online classes? 

We have Tutorials on exercises, for you to learn how to execute them correctly. We Also hold a Live Friday afternoon class for 30 minutes where clients can enjoy a flowing pilates class with a drink of choice...It really tests your balance as you hold your glass throughout & you can reward yourself after an exercise with a sip! Lastly, we have monthly challenges in our FaceBook group where you can win free online memberships and MoveActive grip socks. 

How do we join your community? is there a membership fee? 

Our Online Studio is for members only. There is a 5 day free trial, no commitments & you can cancel anytime. Memberships are $29/month for unlimited access (thats less than $1 a day!)

Have you noticed an increase in your community since turning to online? 

We've had the Online Studio up and running for the past year, but with the current climate, we have definitely seen an increase with the Online Studio. Most of our clients from the Long Jetty studio have signed up online & are continuing their classes at home, which is absolutely amazing to see! We are so grateful for all the support & to be able to keep going during this hard time.

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