Fusion Pilates and Lagree 'Online'

Located: Essendon, VIC 

Studio owner: Melissa Muratore 

What has been your experience with changing the way you deliver your classes from studio to online? 

 Its been a challenge, it is difficult teaching to a screen as we miss the client interaction and are so used to teaching on our beautiful equipment, however we are so grateful to all our amazing clients who continually support us though the transition to online classes. 

Is there a mixture of classes your offering to your clients? Fill us in on what to expect. 

We have a great mix of classes form our Iso Roller/Mega at Home, Barre Classes, Foam Roller, Mat, and Pre Natal. We are also unveiling a new class Fusion Fit! We currently have 30 live classes per week and our pre recorded sessions will be available to stream on our website by end of week 

All the Classes sound so fun! Do you have a favourite class on the Schedule? 

Our Iso Roller as it is a little different to any other online workout and the closest we can get to mimicking a Reformer / Megaformer at home. Our Barre classes are a very close 2nd, they are so much fun to teach and we get a great workout from them too!

There is a big demand for online workout videos, How many can we expect to see weekly? 

We will be uploading at least 4 new videos per week with a mix of Iso Roller, Barre, Mat, Clinical Pilates Blocks, Foam Roller and HIIT classes.

What can clients look forward to seeing in your online classes? what makes them unique? 

Our Iso Roller and new Fusion Fit videos all feature our DJ Tyrone Anthony for some amazing tunes to keep us motivated and also some fun themes over the next few weeks, hello decade of fun!

Yes to a decade of fun! Do you have plans to continue online classes once the Studio reopens? 

Yes, it is something we had always talked about and now it is here to stay!

Will you only be filming classes or can we expect more? 

We are working on a Fusion Challenge at the moment and have workshops available on our pre recorded library, first up Foam Roller and Back pain work shop.

What is the best way to sign up to your online studio? how do we get involved?  

The best way to sign up is through our website (link below) then click on our pre recorded library. The Weekly online subscription is $10. 

For More information about online classes and memberships head to: 
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