'Meet the MoveActive Ambassadors' - Madison Beck

Home Town: Melbourne, VIC

Profession: Professional Dancer & Pilates Instructor 

Instagram handle@madixbeck & @pilatyays.withmadi

We are so excited to have you apart of our team! Tell us a little about yourself?

I have been a professional dancer for 8 years; travelling all over the world and performing in places such as Macau, Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Germany and LA, and have worked with artists such as Red Foo, Samantha Jade, Sheppard, Tim Campbell and Timomatic to name a few. I completed my pilates instructor training last year and have been teaching and falling in love with it more and more daily! I started Pilates after multiple surgeries in my late teens, and I not only came back injury free, but stronger and more educated of my body-which is why I am so incredibly passionate about this practice!I am a dog mum to my beautiful Ollie who loves joining in pilates as much as my clients! I am also currently studying at university where I hope to become an Exercise Physiologist to share my passion and love for movement and our amazing bodies! What do you get up to in your downtime? Any favourite hobbies? 

Always doing pilates (either reformer or mat work). I also enjoy running, reading, swimming, dancing/performing and going to the beach.

Favourite form of exercise? 

It would have to be dancing and Pilates! Not only do they strengthen the body, but they also take so much control and discipline. I also find they really strengthen my mind VS body mastery in working together, as well as the incredible endorphins they give me! I love that you can also never be perfect at either-they constantly require practice and patience which in itself are incredible disciplines.  

What does movement mean to you? How do you apply this to the way you teach?

When I teach pilates, no matter what class or what goals each client have individually, I always encourage everyone to celebrate their “YAY” which is how “PilatYAYs” became my motto. What is really important is that each client has stepped into your class with a different intention, yet no matter what that intention is we must celebrate it. Personally I have had a lot of trauma to my body, and not being in control of it or understanding it, is where I suffered the most coming out of my surgeries. When I started celebrating WHY I was practicing and what my body can do, I started learning how my body individually works for me which is so empowering and why I love educating my clients in conjunction with finding their YAY! Movement heals. I also find, the more love and celebration we give, the more we improve and fall in love with our bodies-not for what they look like, but for how incredible they are!

Tell us why you love MoveActive?  

I love MoveActive because not only do they have incredible, high quality products in amazing patterns and styles for everyone, they also provide a platform to celebrate movement which is one my number one key quality that aligns with MoveActive also. They are also currently donating $1 per sale to empowering women and children which I can 100% support and get behind. Not only an incredible and successful company, but one that gives back and creates community. 

Do you have a favourite pair?  

The slide on cheetah sparkle rose grip socks are my go to! If anyone knows me, they know I love a leopard print and patterns! Not only that, but they have an extra sparkle on the print too and I am simply obsessed! (They also match my favourite crop which in an extra win!) 

What will you bring to the MoveActive Team?  

I am a very passionate person and my love for movement and celebrating our beautiful bodies is what I hope I can share and inspire with. I love community, sharing tips and tricks with each other and finding the positive and “YAY" in everything, which I’m excited to bring to the MoveActive Ambassador Movement!