Meet 'The Move Active Ambassadors' - Lucy Mulcahy

Home Town: Melbourne, however I'm located in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast now

Profession: Part-time Marketing Assistant and Part-time Pilates and Yoga instructor - the best of both worlds 

Instagram handle: @lucymulcahy

Tell us a little about yourself? How did you find your way into the Pilates/Yoga industry?

I found yoga after retiring from being an elite rhythmic gymnast and I never looked back! After a year of practising every day, I did my yoga teacher training. Teacher training was truly the best experience of my life! I learned so much not only about yoga but about myself. 

A few years later I found Pilates and from there I have been constantly building on my knowledge and training! 

Thanks for creating a yoga flow for us in celebration of the International Day of Yoga, what do you find most rewarding about your yoga practice?

The after-effects of yoga I find to be the most rewarding. I’m not phased about doing the most challenging pose or being the most flexible. I look at a yoga class as time for myself; a time where I can let go of what is happening and just breathe! Starting or ending my day with yoga gives me clarity and focus whilst calming me down.

What do you follow for inspiration on social?

Aside from yoga and pilates, I have a huge passion for nutrition, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. My feed is filled with informational posts - so I am constantly learning.

What is your favourite form of movement?

This is a hard one! I love a bit of everything but I always find myself going back to Yoga and Pilates.

What does movement mean to you? How do you apply this to the way you teach? 

Movement is different for everyone. It is something that feels good in your body, something that energises you, and makes you feel strong and empowered. Any movement is good movement! 

Tell us why you love MoveActive?

I have been wearing MoveActive for a few years now and can’t see myself not wearing MoveActive socks at a pilates class! The socks are not only super comfortable and don’t slip around but they're super funky. The patterns and colours are so stylish and elegant.

I also love how MoveActive is a community of motivating, empowering people! Every time I see an Instagram story or post, I feel inspired.

Do you have a favourite pair of grip socks or product? 

Either the Low-Rise Tropical Cheetah or the Ribbed Metallic Stripe White/Rose.

Who is your career mentor?

Ooh I have never actually thought about this! I'd have to say my parents. They have both managed to excel in their careers despite having three kids in their early 20s'. They have both worked so hard, never complained, and have both taught me a huge lesson in trusting yourself and standing up for what you are worth!


Follow along to Lucy's yoga flow she created for us in celebration of International Day of Yoga on Tuesday 21st of June on Instagram here.