Meet Lucy Beaumont - Scout Pilates!

How did you get into Pilates?

I started practicing Pilates when I was studying at university about 10 years ago. I started at a reformer studio in Sydney and I was hooked from the beginning!

What do you like about it the best?

    Ahh so many reasons! I like the focus on form and how practicing Pilates helps you to understand your body, your muscles and how you move! I love that Pilates is functional and helps you move better in and out of the studio! I love all the different types of Pilates and how doing a mixture really helps to balance the body and make it strong!

    What gets you up in the morning, especially during this strange time in the world? 

      My studio, clients and instructors! I'm an early riser and am usually up and out by 5.15am to be at the studio bright and early. We are lucky to be busier and better than ever (after a 3 month COVID shutdown) so we have renovated an additional space into our St Peters studio to accommodate more reformer classes and are looking at a second Scout location for 2021! It's been a difficult year for all but I'm positive for the future!

      What most excites you about this collaboration?

        That I can add sock designer to my CV?! Just joking! We love Move Active socks - easily the best designs and grip on the market. Our clients love them and I was thrilled to be able to partner with Move to design a collaboration that we can sell in Scout and across other studios! I love partnering with like-minded businesses and Move Active is definitely one of them!

        If you weren’t a Pilates Instructor and didn’t have your studio, what would you be doing?

          Mmm definitely a business owner of some sort. Maybe a boutique hotel on a beach somewhere...

          What’s your favourite treat or cheat meal?

            Dark chocolate and red wine!

            What's your favourite thing about MoveActive Grip socks?

              The grip is really good and the variety of designs! There is something for everyone! 

              Whats your go-to quick and easy breakfast meal?


              In ten years time, will you still be doing what you are doing now? If not, why?

                I hope so! Hopefully we'll have a few more Scout locations under out belt by then and a Pilates Instructor Teacher Training Course.

                What are the best Pilates accessories you couldn't live without?

                  Move grip socks and chi balls!

                  What do you wish you knew 5 years ago, and why?

                    That everything happens for a reason and it's all going to work out.

                    Describe your average day at Scout Pilates?

                      There is no average day! But often in at the studio early for privates, mid morning coffee, answering emails, cleaning studios, ordering items we need, making phone calls, meetings with instructors, (currently for our renovation chatting with builders, carpenters and electricians), taking the dog for a quick walk, teaching teaching teaching!

                      Who is your biggest inspiration and why?  

                      My dad! He's a fellow business owner, works incredibly hard and is generous, supportive and wise. He encouraged me into the small business owner world and is my constant source of knowledge in navigating it!

                      When we're free to travel the world again, where will be your first stop?

                          I'd love to go back to New York. I lived there and drew a lot of inspiration for Scout from the studios I worked at over there. It would be so nice to see friends who live over there and visit my favourite spots!