Virtual Divas 'online'

Location: 6 – Mornington, Richmond, Moonee Ponds, Caroline Springs, Reservoir and Prahran

What has been your experience from moving from studio classes to online classes?  

Our experience changing from studio classes to online has been challenging but extremely rewarding. We have successfully set up all our online classes at 7 locations (two locations on one timetable due to size), where majority of our instructors have the opportunity to teach online. We have had so many positive reactions from all our students as well. As a team, we worked through all the teething problems at the start, and set up the right pricing options to suit what we are delivering to our students today.

Having to close your studios again after a few short weeks of reopening must have been really disheartening? 

We were definitely frustrated and disappointed, but, having set up Virtual Divas successfully in the first lock down, we were prepared and we could take off where we left 2 weeks prior. Some studios continued to run online classes, as well as physical classes, so owners simply had to add more classes onto their already existing online timetable. Once we came to the realisation that we were actually closing, we felt comfortable to get on with online classes, and we are determined to make them better.

Do you believe online platforms will play a key role in studio business strategies moving forward? Creating a multi channel studio? 

Yes, I would believe so, we have definitely found that Virtual Divas brings a new opportunity for the brand. There’s so many possibilities; we even tested running a physical class, that was also available online and live before the second lock-down (we called this class, a hybrid class), but due to new restrictions, we had to put this class on hold until we can reopen again.

What is the best way to access the online platform? What is the link to get involved in the community?

Please visit our website:

Are there any exciting changes being made to the timetable? 

Before launching Virtual Divas, we gave our instructors the creativity to release their own classes that they wished to teach online, they could name them, design the structure and take full responsibility for these classes. We’ve never done this before as a franchise brand, from this, we have gained a whole range of new classes to add to our physical timetables, and future class options.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the pilates/yoga/barre community? especially now in the current climate. 

Not applicable – but referring to the pole community, we’ve really seen how close, loyal and dedicated our students are to supporting Divas. We’re all in this together, and we’re feeling extremely grateful for everyone involved, including our instructors who have adapted so well to teaching online.

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