Sixtwo Pilates 'Online'

Located: Doncaster East, VIC

Studio owner: Steph Paladin

Steph, Is there a mixture of classes on the online timetable? 

Yes, we are offering Mat Pilates, HIIP (Sixtwo Pilates signature sweaty pilates class and Stretch & Flow (yoga inspired)) Classes are streamed live and recorded, if clients are not able to make the live stream then we send them the recoding of the live class. They will have 24hrs access to do the class in their own time.


Such a variety! Do you have a What is your favourite class on the schedule? 

HIIP, its a great combination of mat pilates and high intensity exercises to get the heart rate up. This class switches between endurance and cardio components to give you an all rounder experience. Its our sweaty class, those who love to be pushed, work hard and get the heart racing. You finish the class feeling super energised!

There is now a big demand for online workouts, how many can we expect to see? 

We have 7 classes live streamed every week and these are all also added to our on demand library of classes. To date we have over 40 recorded classes and continue to run our live stream every day.

Do you have plans to continue with online classes once your studio reopens?

Yes we will, we are looking into how this will work now.

What is the best way to access the online community? can anyone access? 

Anyone can access our classes. There are no membership fees only the fee for the class, the price averages from $10-$7 depending on the pack they purchase.

Our schedule is live on MindBody, this is the best way to book and pay for classes. We also have a private Facebook community group, the link for this is below. We use this to communicate with our clients and community uploading free content for them daily.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the pilates/yoga/barre community? especially now in the current climate.

The community and the support for clients, fellow trainers and studio owners. It really does feel like we are one big family looking our and helping each other.

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