Recover Wellbeing 'Online'

Located: Currumbin, QLD

Studio owner: Sarah Paxford

Sarah, What has been your experience with transitioning from Studio to online studio? 

Luckily for us, we already had an Online Community subscription full of Pilates, yoga, mindfulness and health videos that we could offer our community. We did however add a live class timetable and daily free mini classes through Facebook live. It's certainly a different way of teaching for us, particularly as we are known for working in small classes to correct form and alignment, but our team rose to the challenge and it's been quite fun to work with our clients in a different way.

What can clients expect from your online studio? what makes it different ?

Our Online Community subscription is unique in that it offers so much more than Pilates and yoga. We also have mindfulness, meditations, breath work, tutorials, recipes and more. Not only that, but we specialise in women's health, so we have whole sections dedicated to each phase of the feminine cycle to support our bodies best throughout the month. For us, it's not about doing the hardest workout possible, or the fanciest postures. It's about doing select movements and doing them well to get the best results. Our focus is all about holistic wellbeing.

What is the best way to access the online community? can anyone access? 

We have a few different options. Anyone can join our Facebook Group which offers free 20min workouts:

Anyone is welcome to sign up for a paid, live 60min class from our studio which are $12 each:

Anyone is welcome to sign up for our Online Community subscription which offers a free 7 day trial, after that if you choose to join us, it's $18.95 and you're welcome to close your account anytime:

Such a variety of memberships for people! do you have a favourite class on the schedule? 

I have two! They both come from our Online Community...
First is the Follicular Flow Yoga class from Micaela. This class always brings a smile to my face as I do it. It's fun, it drops the ego and gives me a good giggle as we shake and go with the flow with just the right amount of challenge. The second is my Foam Roller Workout on the Online Community. I LOVE using a long foam roller at home and this class includes lots of great variations for a combination of stretch, core, strength and balance work. 

One last question, Who can we expect to see in the home workouts, any regular instructors? 

In the free home workouts - you'll meet me (Sarah) and see where I live! You will also meet my partner Dan some days for some comic relief (he says he's there to motivate all the inflexible people) and it's likely you'll also catch a glimpse of our crazy kitten - Squid.

At the live studio classes you'll meet our regular team of 5 instructors who have transitioned to providing their services and classes online.

In the Online Community subscription, again you'll have my company, plus Micaela Hayes from Zenaste Yoga takes our yoga and mindfulness videos. We also have some guest appearances from those who specialise in their various fields for some of our tutorial videos.

We are blessed to have a highly qualified and talented team that we work with in the studio as well as online and everyone is always happy to contribute to the holistic wellness of our community.

For More information about online classes and memberships head to: 
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