Pinnacle Wellness Studios at Pinnacle Health Clubs 'online'

Location: Melbourne

Studio owners: Ben and Emma Stallworthy

What has been your experience from moving from studio classes to online classes?  

It’s been quite the journey! We had been talking about incorporating an online product in our offering for some time, so it was the motivation to get this finally happening, and fast. We, like many other studios, started with live streaming to a private facebook group as the easiest option to go to market quickly. We then continued to look at ways to improve our offering to our clients. Of course, we’ve had some technical learnings along the way, but we now have a permanent recording studio set up with high quality videos, that are live streamed and on demand via a member only portal. I think it also needs to be said, that I’m so proud of our team for embracing this new way of teaching and for getting comfortable in front of the camera.

Having to close your studios again after a few short weeks of reopening must have been really disheartening? 

The announcement to shut again after only 2.5 weeks was incredibly disheartening and frustrating. All of our team and clients were really loving being back in the studios with one another, and embracing all of the necessary safety changes we have had to implement. Fortunately for us, we had already made the decision to keep our online platform and offer it complimentary to our members ongoing, so we were able to transition back to this as a permanent solution during lock down quickly and smoothly. That’s been the one positive, that we have all adjusted back to lock down faster this time around, because we all know what it entails.

Do you believe online platforms will play a key role in studio business strategies moving forward? Creating a multi channel studio? 

Ultimately the world has changed. The fitness industry has had to embrace technology like never before. Our clients are working from home more, will eventually get back to travel, and this platform gives us a way to stay connected with them no matter where they are. It also opens us up to a broader audience, not just the clientele who live near our studios. It provides opportunity for markets you may not yet have tapped into. If you are going to make this a permanent platform moving forward, it needs to be professionally done. We got away with some technical hiccups and so forth, but if this is a product you are going to retain, remember we’re not the first to do this, and your competition in this space is now global.  

What is the best way to access the online platform? What is the link to get involved in the community?

The best way to access our online platform, is to fill out our form on our Pinnacle@Home webpage:

From here, you’ll be able to gain access to our live and onDemand classes including yoga, pilates, meditation, barre, dance fitness, HIIT, stretch & mobility and strength classes. So much to choose from!

Have you made changes to your Studio Memberships (online & studio), please fill us in ?

Yes, we’ve recognised that our clients now value flexibility even more. So our membership options now offer a lite version, where you can have 6 credits to any of our classes per month as well as our most popular unlimited option.  As we said before, all of our memberships include our online member portal with new classes added every week.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the pilates/yoga/barre community? especially now in the current climate. 

Our community has always been a supportive one, but even more so in our current climate. Particularly supportive not just of one another but of our local communities, rallying behind all small businesses alike. We are also fortunate to be very aware of wellbeing care and the benefits of mindfulness, so crucial to staying positive and strong during periods of change.

For More information about online classes and memberships head to:
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