Pilates New Plymouth 'online'

Location: New Plymouth, Taranaki, NZ

Studio owner: Alana Robinson 

Alana, What has been your experience from moving from studio classes to online classes?  

We specialise in equipment based Pilates especially Reformer classes, so switching to Matwork online was an adjustment for many of my clients. It kept them moving and some struggled with the technology side of it, but they definitely missed the Reformer and were very eager to return to the Studio.

Do you have plans to continue with online classes once your studio reopens?

Yes I plan to continue. I am working on expanding my video library and figuring out an online membership.

What is the best way to access your online community? 

There a few full pre-recorded classes through Mindbody. Also quite a few shorter videos on our Instagram page @pilatesnp and Facebook @pilatesnewplymouth.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the pilates/yoga/barre community? especially now in the current climate. 

I believe Pilates exercises your mind, body and spirit, so I love been able to teach people how to get in touch with these principles. It is even more important right now to maintain our strength (physically and mentally) and to boost our immunity.

Have you made any changes to the Studio Memberships? When are you reopening?

We re-opened on May 18th and we offered a couple of discounted post-lockdown deals in the first couple of weeks. These were available to current and new clients. One was an Introductory to Reformer 5 week course and the other was a Back to Studio pack for 2 x Reformer classes per week.

Are there any exciting changes being made to the timetable?

Yes we are adding a new Fascial Release class in the next couple of weeks, date to be announced on our social media very soon. This will be focusing on our fascial movement and release using Matwork, props and Reformer.

We are also saying goodbye to one of our instructors and welcoming a new one on June 17th. So we are very excited to have some fresh knowledge and expertise on board!

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