Life Ready Studio 'Online'

Located: Camberwell, VIC 

Studio owner: Teri Lazarus 

Teri, What has been your experience with transitioning from Studio to online studio? 

It has been a very challenging experience to say the lease, but I have been so overwhelmed with the support by our gorgeous community that it kept my spirits high! The hardest part has been not seeing our amazing clients every day and me feeling guilty I could not give them the personalised care and support we give them at the studio. We have learnt so much and grown even closer as a team and as a community, and now have an amazing online platform for our to use throughout this uncertain time.

Is there a mix of classes your offering to your clients? 

We do have a mixture of classes- our classes range from full body Pilates classes to stretch and relaxation classes, pre/post-natal classes as well as specific muscle group challenges. These classes are all pre recorded and added to our online platform every week. We also have Instagram live classes twice a week.

Such a variety of classes! do you have a favourite? 

My favourite classes are our full body classes. They work the full body and get each muscles initiated and working. Each class has many levels so even if you are a beginner the classes can be regressed or progressed.

Do you have plans to continue online classes once The Studio is reopen? 

Yes definitely! We have been able to reach clients all over the world who have moved and have been unable to do our physical classes. To be able to work with them from afar has been amazing and we will definitely be keeping it going!

How can we access your online classes? is there a membership? 

Anyone can access our classes. They can sign up on our website (link below) or through our Instagram @lifereadystudio. 

What do you think is the most rewarding thing about this industry? 

To be able to assist people physical and mentally! I love pilates because it is all encompassing and really allows you to work not just the body but also the mind. When I am in a pilates class I cannot think of anything else but what exercise I am doing at that moment hehe. Pilates gives people time to hone in on their own bodies and forget about the outside world! Throughout this time is has been hard to disconnect from social media and life stresses and I believe pilates has kept a lot of people moving and sane!

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