Life Ready Physio + Pilates 'online'

Location: 192 Flinders Street, Yokine Western Australia 

Studio owner: Benjamin Trinh, CEO of Life Ready Health Group / Teri
Lazarus, Managing Partner of Life Ready Studio

What has been your experience from moving from studio classes to online classes?  

We’ve had such wonderful and kind support from our amazing patients! We’ve been fortunate enough to introduce both live and pre-recorded full body, hips, butts and thighs, stretch, pre/post natal and 1:1 injury rehabilitation mat Pilates sessions which allows our patients to access classes anywhere, anytime, with flexible payment options to help during times of need.

What can clients expect from your online platform?

We love getting personal with our patients! Our live mat Pilates sessions allow our
instructors to carefully develop and tailor exercises directly to patients, so we can help them continue their Pilates journey from the other side of the screen, with full confidence that the prescribed movements are geared towards them.
We also offer live 1:1 and small group mat Pilates so if you want to work out online with just yourself, your best friend and your instructor, we’ve got you set!
We also cater to our corporates - offering tailored online Pilates to workspaces across Australia. 

Do you have plans to continue with online classes once your studio reopens? How many can we expect to see weekly? 

Absolutely. We’ve had such wonderful feedback since we implemented online Pilates that we’re humbled to say that at home Pilates is here to stay! It means our patients can continue to move and connect with their Pilates instructor or physiotherapist when they’re unable to physically attend one of our locations.

We have over 40 classes each week that our patients can tune into and burn, strengthen and tone from the comfort of their own home!

What is the best way to access your online community? 

Join the burn at home (link below) or contact any one of our locations across Perth and Melbourne for an online Pilates consultation with our qualified

Have you noticed an increase in your community since starting the online platform?

Yes, and we’re so very humbled to say so. To be able to keep people moving and helping them with their pain and wellbeing in times of crisis was incredibly rewarding and we’re grateful to our wonderful community for the support.

Who can we expect to see teach the online classes? Any Regular trainers?

You can catch our effervescent Pilates instructors Teri, Tessa and Alana taking our online Pilates classes, along with our 100+ Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapists across our 20+ locations across Australia.

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