Lara Physiotherapy Health Network 'Online'

Located: Lara, Geelong Vic 

Studio owner: Karen Madden

There is a big demand for online workout videos, How many can we expect to see weekly?

We are currently offering 12 or more classes a week. We offer them at a range of times morning, midday, and evening to allow our participants to join when suits them. The classes offered include Pilates, stretching & relaxation, and exercise circuit.

What can your clients expect to see in your online classes? what makes them unique? 

Our classes are all run by university qualified therapist including physiotherapists, exercise physiologist and Myotherapist. Classes are limited to small sizes to allow interaction between therapists and participants and allows for individual feedback and corrections. Each class is different and offers high levels of variety in a fun, challenging; interesting way. They are also moulded around the equipment the participants have access too so that they are inclusive to everyone regardless of experience or equipment. 

Do you have plans to continue online classes once The Studio is reopen? 

We've had a few requests from some of our current participants to continue to offer these classes in the long run. We think we will continue to offer them at a slightly reduced schedule and to complement the face to face class we run.

What is the feedback you've been receiving?

Clients are finding the classes to be stimulating and challenging in many aspects and they enjoy the ability to complete a range of classes run by different therapists. They have also enjoyed the ability to complete multiple classes each week and change which class times they attend based on their changing week to week schedule.

What is the best way to sign up to your online studio? how do we get involved?  

We are currently offering live classes which are run through Zoom. The link is sent out prior to the class and is unique to each session to increase security. Classes are only $10 each, or we are offering; an introductory special $50 for a month subscription including unlimited classes.

We also have an online one drive with pre recorded videos and replay of some of the live classes which is a free addition for all participants who sign up for the month subscription. Best way to access the class is to book via our website or giving us a call, Booking Link (link below). 


Last question! Have you noticed an increase in your community since turning to online? 

We have noticed an increase in enquires and interest from people who are outside our current client base. 

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