Inna Essence 'Online'

Location: Underwood, Brisbane Queensland

Studio owner: Andrea Creighton & Anna Grant 

Anna, What has been your experience from moving from studio classes to online classes?  

It was a very challenging time having to change our service offering to a different medium in the space of a few weeks. We feel very lucky to have each other for support and collaboration in tough times like this. We were truly fortunate to have the help of an amazing IT support person to assist us with the back end set up for our website. We learnt so many new things about business, processes and ourselves during the transition. We know now that we can be resilient, adaptable but also stay true to our core business ethos at the same time.

Do you have plans to continue with online classes once your studio reopens?

Yes, we are very excited to keep our new online platform going once the studio re-opens. We have plans to add content for kids as well very soon and will be adding new videos regularly. It will be a value add-on for our studio members and a stand alone membership option as well.

What a great idea! What can clients expect from your online platform?

Kids pilates, yoga & movement classes will be an addition to our online library in August. This will add to our growing library of classes which already includes pilates, barre, hiit, yoga, meditation and challenges. We plan to introduce new challenges, simultaneous live streaming of in-studio classes and recordings of in studio workshops & seminars.

What is the best way to access your online community? 

Registration for The Library is available via link (link below) In this section you can also read more about our studio, our beautiful team and everything Inna Essence has to offer. 

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the pilates/yoga/barre community? especially now in the current climate. 

We are so passionate about what we do and this is the common thread that links owners & instructors in our industry. The passion for helping our clients not only work towards their best selves physically but also emotionally and spiritually is what drives us. Our biggest joy is that we can genuinely help people by providing and holding space for them to be themselves and just be of service to them. This is the noblest of things.

Are there any exciting changes being made to the timetable? (brand new classes, events, teachers)

We have had to include extra time between classes to allow for the additional hygiene measures required. We will also be introducing new restrictions surrounding the use of small props. These extra measures are temporary for Stage 2 and will be re-assessed ahead of the planned introduction of QLD Stage 3 on Sat 11th July.

The studio will be re-opening for QLD Stage 2 on Saturday 13th June and we are all very excited to get back.

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