Women's Health Week: Tips to maintaining a healthy you - By Katie Pietsch

Katie is an experienced Yoga teacher and Holistic Wellness mentor from Melbourne. Katie has facilitated the experience of yoga in Germany, South Africa, India and Melbourne. Sharing her knowledge for yoga and mindfulness practices have on our overall well-being. 


Life is more than just stolen moments, our flow state should not be confined to the walls of a yoga studio, just as our art is not meant to be kept under wraps until we can find an hour, a day week to create.

As women it is ingrained in us to care for others, whether it be our loved ones or the greater community. We are hardwired to feel good when we stand with, support and nourish those we care for, but only too often this means our needs fall shy of coming in first. 

Regardless of distance and the current lockdown laws, we are all connected. So it seems strange that we allow our instinctual selves to come second when everything we put into our bodies, every thought we allow to fill our mind spaces has an outward affect on the universal field of energy / consciousness. More specifically, the better we honour our true selves, the kinder we are to our bodies and our creative souls, the more of a positive output we have to influence and flavour the lives of our families, friends and communities. We can show the world how much we care by what we put into ourselves first. 

My Tips to maintaining a healthy you

+ Be selfish with your alone time

Creating clear boundaries around being alone teaches our loved ones about the importance of coming home to our bodies and getting back to that sense of oneness. This then strengthens our presence in the moments that we share with others. 


+ Nourish your body - My choice green juice for these spring time mornings: 

1 x celery stick (with leaves) 2 x kale leaves 1 TBS chia seeds 12 juice of a lime 400ml Coconut water 

A handful of ice cubes (a dollop of raw honey if you're feeling extra sweet)  Once blended this will make enough for 2 large glasses, you can keep the spare in the fridge for up to 3 days, it will separate but just shake before you go to drink.


+ Nourish your mind - My choice books for the woman's psyche:
Woman Who Run With The Wolves
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
Contacting the power of the wild woman.
An older book, but an incredibly invigorating and inspiring read! 
The Messy Magnificent Life by Geneen Roth 
A field guide to Mind, Body, Soul. 

This one's a more modern take of the above, a little shorter and easier to digest for those who are more limited with time.  

+ An energising yoga flow to get those positive vibes flowing:

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