Stay On Track With Your Yoga Practice Over Easter

It’s come to our attention that it’s EASTER ALREADY!!! HOLY HOT CROSS BUNS! This means a couple of very important things. We need to locate our stretchiest yoga pants because we take this all-day chocolate eating contest very seriously. And, secondly, the year is flying by so freakishly fast we just got whiplash. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were ringing in the new year with a sneaky couple of wines and some over-enthusiastic resolutions?

Speaking of which. If your New Year’s Resolutions involved taking control of your health and beginning a yoga journey, and you haven’t quite got around to it yet, we get it. It’s hard to get motivated to make the first move. Or if you’re on your way and looking for some tricks to stay on track through the Easter break then we got you too, boo! Here are our best tips to stay on track with your yoga practice over Easter.


Planning Is Key To Staying On Track With Your Yoga Practice 

If you’re as motivated to stay healthy over Easter as a Kardashian during a million-dollar sponsorship negotiation, then you GO, GLEN COCO! Planning ahead is the best way to stay on track to reduce the chances of giving into temptation. If you’re heading to Auntie Margaret’s house where you know you’ll risk death by chocolate and even the vegetables will be deep fried, then organise some alternative meals to bring with you.


Stay On Track With Your Yoga

Forget About Feeling Guilty...

If you’re more inclined to let your chocolate freak flag fly and eat to your heart’s content, that’s also cool. It’s all about balance and unless you’re eating 75 Cadbury Chocolates for brekky every day, then one weekend won’t do much damage. Just do you. Either way, it’s a judge-free zone and there should be no regrets, no matter your choice! It’s one day a year either way.


Stay on track with your yoga


















Celebrate With Seafood...

Good Friday? You mean Good FriYAY! And you know what’s the best thing about abstaining from red meat? Getting to indulge in your favourite seafood options, instead. Nom nom nom! Seafood, especially oily fish have a truck load of health benefits like a great source of protein and those good omega 3 fatty acids. Enjoy your favourite seafood at this time, knowing you’re being kind to your body too.


Stay on track with your yoga

Return To Your Normal Routine, ASAP. 

So you rigged the Easter egg hunt (still no judgements. #Chocolateislyfe!) and are now coming down off your sugar high. The best thing to do now is to get back into your normal eating routine as soon as possible. In fact, it’s probably ideal to throw out any surplus eggs, just in case. It may be tempting to continue the choccy bender, but the sooner you're back to eating the yummy nutritious food you normally enjoy, the better you'll feel in the long run.


Stay on track with your yoga

Stay On Track With Your Yoga Journey, No Matter What!

You know what’s exciting about the Easter break! So many public holidays! Yewwwww. If you're lucky enough to be off work the whole time why not spend the extra time working on your yoga practice? Bring your yoga mat and do a quick session in the morning, or mix it up with a long walk each day. You’re likely to be eating an excess of calories, so ensuring you’re doing some form of exercise will not only limit any weight gain, but also help your physical and mental well-being.


Stay on track with your yoga

Stay Hydrated Even More Then Normal...

Sorry to sound like your mum, but staying hydrated is imperative for the healthy function of, like, everything in your body. It's essential for maintaining the function of your heart, muscles, and brain as well as everything else it does for our health. It's even more important at times when we are consuming more alcohol or less healthy meals to ensure we drink heaps of water and stay hydrated. Even better, by increasing your water consumption you’re likely to burn more calories during the day. And consuming water before your big Easter dinner will fill you up so you eat less as well.


Stay on track with your yoga


Get Enough Sleep...

If you’re spending the time away with 75 different family members including every second person’s cousin’s dog, it might be a little more hectic and noisy then normal. And this can impact the amount of rest you can get. If you know beforehand there’s a chance the place will be uber noisy, then pack some earplugs and a sleeping mask. Getting enough sleep is vital from anything to preventing an irritable war of words with your Uncle Bob over who was the best Joker (Heath Ledger, obviously!) but to your overall health, especially the healing of your heart and blood vessels. Whether it’s Easter or any other time, prioritise a good night’s rest when possible.


stay on track with your yoga


Pack Your Coolest Workout Gear!

If you’re heading away or staying home, make sure you have your favourite workout gear close by. The best way to stay motivated is by looking the part. Or faking it to you make it. It’s the similar way of thinking to people who work from home where they ensure they get out of their pj’s and into office attire. It trains the brain to associate that with getting work done! The same goes for exercise. If you get into your fav workout gear that makes you feel like the yoga rockstar you are, and accessorise with the latest non-slip socks, you’ll be far more likely to stay motivated then what you would without them.


stay on track with your yoga


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