'Meet the MoveActive Ambassadors' - Elena Collins

Home Town: Perth, WA


Reformer and Matwork Pilates Instructor and soon to be Physiotherapist.I am also a Professional Bum Poker, Expert Odd Number Counter and a Master Booty Burner! 

Instagram handle@perks_of_pilates

We are so excited to have you apart of our team! Tell us a little about yourself?

I've never been someone to sit still for long or be seen out of active wear - so becoming a Pilates Instructor was a natural choice for me, and one i've never looked back on! I have a bit of a silly side, I choose to see and feel happiness in all situations, and make others feel the same. I have ridden horses all my life, was that 'sporty spice' in school doing everything under the sun (I am terrible at T ball but gosh it's fun), and am happiest when i'm working up a sweat!

I always wanted to be involved in a profession where I could be myself and let my personality shine. I have a genuine passion for inspiring people to be excited about movement and their capabilities, while working towards their goals. Breathe Education was an amazing institute that set me up with fantastic skills to be able to get out there and inspire others about the many perks of pilates. 

I have almost finished my Physiotherapy degree, and believe this is what gives me a specific muscle training 'edge' to my classes. Having a well-developed anatomy and movement science knowledge has allowed me to create effective training sessions, where I often receive next day texts like 'I can't walk today, but I love it' - which I love! I am excited about the prospect of developing my clinical pilates skills into the future, and to keep improving along my journey!

What do you get up to in your downtime? Any favourite hobbies? 

With my fur babies (horses) is where you will find me when I'm not in the studio. My horse's name is Lucky - he is such a loving, hilarious, and precious boy.

Favourite form of exercise? 

Pilates is a clear winner for me - can't go wrong with a blitzing booty burner!

What does movement mean to you? How do you apply this to the way you teach?

Movement to me means moving in a way that feels good for your body, while demonstrating quality and control through full range. I believe movement should balance an appropriate amount of challenge and capability, that allows people to work towards a goal.

Tell us why you love MoveActive?  

I love this Australian company because they not only support worthy causes by giving back, but they create high quality grippies and products that allow me to perform to my best (and they look 10/10 cute while doing so!)

Do you have a favourite pair?  

I am a BIG fan of anything animal print - so these tend to get a lot of 'air time'

What will you bring to the MoveActive Team?  

I bring a sense of empowerment to the MoveActive Ambassador Movement. Everybody has a story, is on a journey and has a goal, big or small, and I believe that I am able to encourage people to embrace theirs to the fullest and feel confident within themselves to go for it! Motivating people to be their best selves, dream big, and go hard is what I am all about, and this is the energy that I bring to the MoveActive tribe. Together, we create a powerful group of kind, strong, driven, and passionate unstoppable people !