Cleanse FAQ's with Greene Street Juice co

We've teamed up with Greene Street Juice co to find out how a cleanse may be the missing piece in your active lifestyle + wellbeing goals. The greene street juice co. in house health professional, Jen - A qualified naturopath + western herbalist - gives us the lowdown on cold-pressed juice cleansing + exercise.

What can I expect from a Greene Street Juice cleanse program?

All of our cleanses are naturopathically designed to:

+ nourish + hydrate your body with an abundance of fresh, organic and low sugar nutrition.

This helps restore energy, radiance and vitality.

+ create the right conditions in your body to burn fat fast, while preserving muscle tone

+ support digestion and aid in restoring a healthy gut environment

The top reasons people choose our low sugar, 100% organic cleanse programs are:

+ to ditch that sluggish feeling + kick start healthy new habits

+ soothe the digestive system and say goodbye to a bloated and uncomfortable stomach

+ fast track healthy weight loss

+ hydrate + rejuvenate skin, hair and nails

+ gain increased energy, mental clarity, vitality and strengthen the immune system

What are we detoxing from on a juice cleanse?

Exposure to a vast array of chemicals is the norm in today's world. It is estimated that everyone alive today carries at least 700 contaminants within their body, the effects of which have not been well examined or understood. Low energy, poor immunity, fatigue, allergies, weight gain and numerous other health conditions can all be directly related to the toxic effects of food and drink we consume, the environments in which we live and the level of stress we experience.

It's important to appreciate the detoxifying effect of a Greene Street cleanse program occurs in part because of what you are not ingesting during your cleanse! While on your Greene Street program, you are avoiding the pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers found in conventional produce. You are also avoiding artificial flavours and colours, trans-fats and miscellaneous additives found in processed foods, plus, of course, the most common liver, alcohol, processed sugar and animal products. Instead of consuming these things, you'll be flushing your body with bioavailable nutrition and high doses of antioxidants that nourish detox pathways.

What makes Greene Street Juice different from other cleanse companies?

At GSJ we have committed to your health over all else. We do this by:

+ Using 100% organic produce every time. This is important for cleansing - which is as much about what you DON'T consume as what you do.

+ Balancing an evidence-based approach with a more traditional holistic perspective.

+ Offering Professional support from a qualified Naturopath to all clients who can help you find the right menu + length and tailor the experience specifically for your health.

+ Cold-pressing our juices to retain maximum nutrient value

+ Being extremely transparent with everything that goes into our elixirs - from how much sugar there will be [always naturally occurring, never added] to the number of fruit & vegetable serves you can gain from every bottle or cleanse day.

How long should I cleanse for?

As a guide, we recommend:


Our 1-day program will have you feeling light, bright and refreshed.


Our 5:2 Intermittent Fasting cleanse program works best for 2-day periods. It's designed to kick-start fat loss. We've seen results of up to 3kg lost over 2 days on this program. (Yes, that's right. Not a typo. 2 days. 3 kg lost. So much gained.)


You'll get all the benefits of a 1-day cleanse, PLUS you can expect to experience some natural fat burning take place. Clients have lost 3 - 5kgs over 3 days, finally find relief from a bloated and uncomfortable stomach and emerge feeling clear, light & bright.


You can expect to naturally burn away excess fat and significantly improved digestion and gut health, bringing forth your deep inner glow, mental clarity and focus.


ll the benefits of 5 days PLUS deeper fat + toxin loss. You can expect to completely ditch cravings for naughty foods too. The reboot you need to feel the best you ever have. Want to know more? A 2014 RMIT study found that consuming organic foods for 7 days reduced pesticide levels in the blood by 90%! Massive gains while going about your normal daily routine for the week, sipping on the good stuff.


A complete lifestyle reboot with added extras and support. Think naturopathically designed post-cleanse meal plans + recipes and daily education modules for radical results. In as little as 10 days, clients have lost 10kgs + on specialist programs, lock in new daily habits and meal planning for a complete do-over that changes the course of their life.

I work out, what cleanse is best for me?

The ACTIVE BODY cleanse program is the most suitable for you. It has been designed to support individuals who like to maintain their workouts while cleansing, or who are just very busy. You can contact us for more information or for assistance with tailoring a cleanse specifically for your lifestyle needs.

Will I feel low on energy or light headed while not consuming solid food??

The great thing about 100% organic juices, smoothies, soups and broths is they are bioavailable [easily absorbed] nutrition. This means your body will have an overabundance of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to use, so it's less likely that you will feel lightheaded. If you do feel unwell, please do contact us. We also recommend that you consult with your health professional before committing to a cleanse.

Can I exercise while cleansing?

Movement is incredibly beneficial to boost detox pathways. It stimulates the lymphatic movement of toxins, encourages bowel motility, increases your lung capacity, and sweat is very purifying for the skin. If you do like to work up a good sweat each day, the ACTIVE BODY cleanse program is the most suitable for you. It has been designed to support people who like to maintain their workouts while cleansing.


Where will I get my protein?

Our program is designed to give you all of the bioavailable, easy-to-digest plant-based protein you need and create the conditions to burn fat and tone muscle. Because of this, our clients who report rapid weight loss during a cleanse will also show no loss or even some growth in lean muscle mass!

We followed @khanhong on his HEALTHY MAN program and his bio-scan results at the end of his program showed:

+ Fat loss: 4.6kg

+ Muscle mass gain: 0.9kg

+ Mid-section fat loss: 2.7kg

+ Water weight (hydration): remained stable

If you'd like to add more protein to your cleanse, some of our favourite plant-based protein sources are: quinoa, hemp seeds, spirulina, nuts, chia seeds, beans and even kale (there is 4 grams of protein in each cup!)





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