'I miss my pre internet brain.'

I was browsing online today when I came across this fabulous declaration! Such a brilliant capture of a sentiment I'm sure most of us could relate to, given how we reflect, learn, market and 'connect' so seamlessly in our modern virtual worlds.

While, we may think a little differently these days, it's difficult to imagine life without all the rich resources available with little more than a click and or a tap on our favourite devices. In honour of this, we thought we would celebrate by sharing a few snippets of the joy and insight that the inter webs provide us, via our favourite blogs! These sites certainly help us love, strengthen and stay connected with our health-loving post internet bodies!

Click here for MoveActive's favourite inspiration and trusty online guides:

For the Pilates lovers. These are our ultimate favourites for free Pilates videos, inspiration, news and advice. We especially love Andrea Speir's 'Pilates Fix' videos. Perfect when you're traveling!




The name rings true for us. We're not sure what we'd do with ourselves without our daily hit! 


Some Aussie fashion insight.


For when we feel like pretending that we're Parisian!


International design inspiration (day dreaming fuel).


The Urban list is always a great 'go to' when you'r e on the hunt for something to do, and who can resist comparing the benefits of yoga, barre and Pilates? 

http://www.theurbanlist.com/melbourne/a-list/best-pilates-yoga-barre-melbourne -

Fit4real is particularly good for wholesalers and studio owners, but also has lots of juicy health & fitness articles.


Especially good for those of us in the business of keeping others healthy!


And some Fitspriational reading.


 Happy clicking everyone! 

 X MoveActive.