#MoveAmbassador - Jess Baxter

We are very excited to introduce our newest ambassador Jess Baxter from The Whitsunday's in northern Queensland. She is currently studying to be a Chartered Accountant and still finds time to fit in exercise and stay healthy and fit.

Read her motivating story below;

I’m Jess, and I live in the Whitsundays, North Queensland.  I am a qualified accountant and have been working in a small local firm for the past 6 years while completing my degree.  As of February this year, I have started my study to become a Chartered Accountant.

 Throughout school I kept active by playing lots and lots of squash.  It wasn’t until I started my first fulltime job that I really slackened off (not that I really noticed it at the time).  After a few months I realised that I was putting on weight so one of my friends encouraged me to hit the gym with her. 

After that, I was hooked.  It’s been a few years now and I still try and keep active every day.  I’ve recently fallen in love with yoga and how much it relaxes both my body and mind.  I love doing a quick practice in the morning before work to start my day off on the right note.  I also love heading outside for walks, there are so many beautiful places to explore around my area. 


Since starting my new course, my ‘outside of work time’ is mostly taken up by reading, however I still try and hit the gym for a weight session at least twice a week.  I’ve also convinced my partner to try some acro yoga with me, which is lots of fun, and we try and head outside once a week for 10-15 minutes to muck around.  I absolutely love working out outdoors so any activity I can do outside I am willing to try!

I absolutely adore MoveActive, from the inspiring, likeminded community it has shown me to the beautifully made products.  My MoveActive socks are perfect for my morning yoga practice with the perfect amount of grip!  I also love the bright, colourful prints which make them super fun to wear.  Yesterday I got the chance to roll out the most beautiful eco yoga mat from MoveActive, Floral Fusion.  I absolutely loved this mat and adding some non-slip socks was a match made in heaven.   

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