#MoveAmbassador - Elise Carver @littlebantamsurftrainer

Elise Carver began her active lifestyle at the age of 7 with competitive gymnastics, then moved onto rock climbing at the age of 12, both of which helped her to develop good upper body strength and effective core training techniques. 

After a turbulent life working on the door of nightclubs, trying to find herself in Melbourne City, Elise decided for a change of pace and escaped to a more wholesome and relaxing lifestyle in Torquay, along the surf coast of Victoria. This removed all the unhealthy temptations her previous environment had to offer and Elise says it was the smartest decision she ever made! 

Immersed in her ocean lifestyle she discovered the physical benefits surfing had on her body and described it as one of the most balanced and harmonic ways to go about physical improvement. Realising this, she decided to develop a special type of training that could help someone attain a surfer's physical and mental attributes. 8 years ago she begun her Master Training Certificate and went on to develop the highly regarded training program called Little Bantam Health and Fitness, of which she is the sole surf style trainer. 

Using a wide range of training and recovery techniques Little Bantam Health and Fitness is ideal for improving:

  • Core Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Endurance

Through a holistic approach to training and physical education, Elise aims to inspire, encourage and guide those with a drive to improve their health and fitness through her exceptional and effective Surf Training Program.

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Photo credit: Fiona Peters

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