#MoverOfTheMoment - Jasmine Physio/ Pilates Instructor and Co-Founder FOHO

Jasmine, discovered Pilates (and MoveActive non-slips) while working as a private practice Physiotherapist in Melbourne. She is now a Clinical Instructor and even has her own reformer at home!

If working full time as a Physiotherapist wasn’t enough, Jasmine and her Identical Twin sister, Madeline, have launched their own Hydration Drink for Women, FOHO, after being frustrated with the horrible tasting hydration drinks on the market specifically developed for Athletes, full of processed sugars, artificial ingredients and chemicals. FOHO is a low calorie, great tasting drink to help keep you hydrated everyday.

Even in her hectic lifestyle, Jasmine always has time to keep moving, exercise on a daily basis and do Pilates. She loves mixing and matching her MoveActive non-slips as she has so many pairs it’s the only way to wear them all! Plus life’s always more fun when you wear odd socks :)


Feel free to connect with her via @jaztara20 or @FOHOofficial www.foho.com.au