#MoveAmbassador - Sammy from Core Central - NSW!

Sammy is the creator and owner of Core Central. A fitness studio which specialises in Pilates, also offering Yoga, group fitness classes and personal training. Her first introduction to Pilates was at the age of 14 when she suffered a disc bulge from dancing and was given pilates to strength her body and control her hyper mobility. She went onto achieve an 8 yr Professional Dancing career in Australia and throughout Europe's world class cabaret shows including the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris.


 After returning home to Australia she began to study. Sammy’s personal journey to get her own body pain free after numerous injuries from her dancing career led her through studies in Fitness, personal training, Pilates, Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts & business management. In 2013 she opened Core Central in Port Stephens, NSW.





Her brand new studio has just opened in Nelson Bay. Here Sammy continues to share her knowledge and love for health and fitness. Her goal is to offer the information required to make mindful decisions in regard to your health inside and outside of thestudio. She believes in order to achieve all that you are truly capable of in life you will require good health, a strong body & mind, combined with an awareness and conscious effort to your actions.









            "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
Joseph Pilates-Creator of The Pilates Method