Introducing our latest #Move Ambassador...Karmen Lim!

The beautiful and talented Karmen shares and embodies all that we value here at MoveActive - a passion for moving! In particular, through yoga, pilates and barre. Not only has Karmen been a dedicated Yogi for an amazing 14 years, she’s also a kickass personal trainer, dancer AND a certified Medical Doctor…is there anything this wonder woman can’t do?!

 She began #moving as a ballet dancer at the tender age of 5 and naturally progressed to other dance styles including jazz, hip hop and latin dance. Creativity has never ceased within her as she continues to expand her passion for art, design, dance, health and fitness even after she has attained her medical degree and worked as a Medical Doctor in Malaysia.


After relocating to Melbourne in the year 2013, her first job was at a nearby gym working as a Zumba instructor. It was fun and exciting at first but her scanner personality led her to pursue qualifications in BodyBalance, Barre, Yoga and Personal Training. She has also dwelled into the marketing side of business and explored the vast possibilities of an entrepreneur. Now she is slowly and surely heading back to the medical pathway but continues to inspire others with the beauty of yoga teachings. She’s definitely one to watch out for in the health and fitness industry! 


Feel free to connect with her at and on Instagram @karmenlim
And stay tuned as she shares her wonderful words of fitness wisdom on our blog!

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