Introducing our 3rd #MoverOfTheMoment: Morissa, all the way from San Diego!

 I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years overall but have been more dedicated and practicing daily for about six years.

I generally do either Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga, but enjoy all styles. I also enjoy pilates, jogging, and working out at the gym or at home with free weights; and I’m an occasional jogger.

For twelve years I was a high school English and Journalism teacher in Brooklyn, NY and in Las Vegas, NV.

When I moved to San Diego, CA last year I also opted for a career change: I wanted to do what I love best every day. Yoga AND teaching and helping others is what I love best! I am just, in general a big advocate for helping people find their own path to happiness through health, nutrition, and fitness. I believe that a healthy life = a happy life. And, I basically love happy and want to do my part to spread more of it!

In addition to teaching yoga at Pura Vida Yoga Center in San Diego; I also teach private yoga lessons; teach at several local gyms; continue to substitute teach in local middle schools and high schools; and have recently begun working on building an independent career as a fitness and wellness coach – where I help and motivate people to stay active daily and coach them on eating more healthy, nutritious, and well balanced diet