#MoverOfTheMoment- Danielle Thomas

Dani is a clinical Myotherapist and Pilates instructor with a passion for all things healthy living.

Her love of movement began at a young age, competing in a range of sports including ballet and tennis. Never one to sit still, Dani left a brief stint in the corporate world to pursue a new career, in the health and fitness industry.

It was around this time she discovered Pilates, and immediately felt drawn to the way it lengthened and sculpted every muscle in her body. During her Myotherapy studies, she began working as both a Barre and Pilates instructor, which reaffirmed her belief of movement therapies. 

Dani loves variety, particularly when it comes to her fitness regime. She believes it's important to maintain balance and listen to your body when it comes to exercise. She likes to combine exercises where she can stretch, strengthen and sweat. With that in mind Pilates, Yoga and Boxing are her go-to's. 

Dani teaches a style of Pilates known as dynamic Pilates. It's a high intensity form of Pilates that requires good balance and core strength. She finds the non-slip range of socks perfect for teaching. It gives her the functionality and support to teach a great class. And being an animal print fan, she was ecstatic when she found the leopard print range. MoveActive has been a saviour, ensuring she always feels in control, particularly for more advanced reformer exercises. 


Dani currently teaches for KX Pilates and Camberwell Sports and Spinal, where she also works as a Myotherapist.

Follow Dani on Instagram: @dani.elle.t