Introducing The Studio!

The Salamanca Studio is located in a whisky distillery, tell us how you decided to start up there?   
Yes! It is such a special space. We took over a studio that was already running in the space so it was a perfect little starting point for The Studio which has continued to grow and have more locations since 2013! We now offer our private and semi-private Pilates session in this space with our Diploma Qualified instructors. Our group class sessions have moved up the road to a larger space offering all our studio methods!
When did your Soho Studio begin?
We opened our SoHo studio in April 2015! It was so exciting for us as we opened the doors to indoor cycle as one of our method offerings! Our first studio was opened in Salamanca in 2013, at the time just offering Reformer Pilates and then transformed into offering Barre and Yoga sessions too!
Tell us about your team at Studio.
We have a team of over 30 highly qualified and motivated instructors and a handful of dedicated admin staff.  Our team comes from all different backgrounds with a shared passion for movement and wellbeing. Our team has a thirst for continual self-improvement and a passion for sharing knowledge with their fellow teammates and our members.  We support and encourage our team and empower them to achieve professional and personal goals by offering continuing education and development pathways. 
What’s the biggest reward in running your own studios?
The biggest reward would be seeing people every day enjoying their workouts, looking after themselves and continuing to build healthy habits into their lifestyle! We absolutely love seeing people progress on their fitness and health journey! 
What's the one thing that sets you apart from other studios?
There are many things that set us apart but if I have to choose one it would be our team. The team is what brings the Studio to life. Sure we have beautiful spaces and great equipment but it is our highly educated and caring staff that makes us who we are and provides our members with the Studio difference.
Do you offer anything for new members?  
We really look after new members to make sure they feel comfortable with our spaces and equipment.  This is why each new member undergoes a comprehensive orientation class before they are able to come to a group class. We love welcoming new members and have a variety of offers available for those new to the Studio. 
Tell us about your Barrecode classes and the benefits of them.
Barrecode is a dynamic method that sculpts and tones the entire body using a unique blend of Pilates and yoga moves.  We use small hand weights and the Barre to work through intervals set to motivating music. A regular barre workout will deliver strength, muscle tone and burn calories.
What's your favourite class that you offer and why?  
We don't have a favourite class! We offer four great methods and all of them are our favourite! We have cycle which is such a great low impact cardio method, Yoga provides our members with a great stretch and strength workout along with mindfulness and time for everyone to reset, Reformer & Mat Pilates is the offering to help with posture, full-body strength and overall tone and then we have our very own Barrecode which is one of the best full-body workouts you will ever get! 
What advice would you give to people that have never tried any of your classes?
Just come in and start! We have such a beautiful and welcoming team and community of members. The hardest part is walking through the door, once you start you'll get hooked on feeling great! 
Do you have one-on-one classes as well as group classes?
We offer Private and Semi-Private Pilates classes at The Studio Hobart which are delivered by Diploma qualified instructors using specialised equipment.  We also offer Personal Training including one on one boxing sessions which are quite popular.  Our PTs are highly educated and provide a holistic approach to training.
Where do you see your studios heading in the next 5 years?
We're going to grow and bring our unique brand of fitness experience to even more people over the next few years.  We have plans in place to expand beyond Hobart and we look forward to getting even more people moving.


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