The Movement Refinery

Tell us about TMR, where did it all begin?

The Movement Refinery actually began in 2005 and has morphed into various iterations over the years reflecting my journey as a member of the Pilates community. Over the years it has involved contemporary Pilates, rehabilitation, fitness, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, CoreAlign and now, Classical Pilates. This version – a Classical Pilates studio in North Fitzroy – was conceived during a conversation with my best mate. We were chatting about my next steps after leaving The Australian Ballet School as I wanted to create a studio that connected Pilates lovers to the authentic method. It was important to me that the space itself act as a salve and provide the perfect environment for the ultimate Pilates experience.  

Other than Pilates classes, what else does your studio offer?

The studio offers Pilates workshops for certified teachers. In the last twelvemonths we have hosted Olga Tamara from Sydney, Susan Cottrell from Brisbane and had local instructors such as the wonderful Alex O’Neill King.TMR is passionate about the community and supports the Melbourne Pilates Teacher Network. We started this well before TMR opened the Nicholson Street studio and use our existing community network to provide peer support,advocacy and professional development sessions to over 600 Victorian teachers of the work. We continue to explore professional development concepts and are in the early days of planning a unique teacher training program.More than just ‘Pilates classes’ we offer instructors and the broader community a chance to touch base with the authentic work in a fully equipped studio, full of Pilates gadgetry, plants and lush interiors.  

What do you love most about Pilates?

Nineteen years in I am still learning so much about the work, my body and how to best communicate with clients. That is pretty magical!

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

The ability to be creative in a craft that I have dedicated my life to. The studio allows me to try new things within the method and have mini-careers in management, marketing, engagement, human development and of course … cleaning.

How is your studio different to other Studios in your area?

There are only a handful of classical Pilates studios in Victoria, ours is the only one North side. Pilates has become an umbrella term for many disciplines around human movement and exercise. I wanted this edition of TMR to get back to the actual work on the authentic equipment. Have you experienced a Pilates session on the authentic equipment? It is a revelation! You can’t cheat, you have to think, connect your body to the apparatus and this makes you WORK much more efficiently (some say harder) than on modern equipment. Society has become lazy … the path of least resistance is not possible on classical equipment! Of course we cater to the needs of the community with classes for special populations, but at the heart, we are a Classical studio.

How many different classes do you offer and which one is the most

TMR offers classes only in Pilates. It’s our specialist area and we celebrate this! You can attend classes based around the Tower, Reformer, a Wundaclass, Mat/Tower/Chair/Barrels (Mixed Motions), Private sessions or Antenatal classes. One of the most popular classes is called Body Hack. It’s a Tower and prop class that I run and is essentially an instruction manual on how to use your body. It is based on the fundamentals of human movement and prepares someone for the Pilates method. It is popular because it helps connect the client to their mind and body, reduces back pain, improves mobility and generally … we have a good laugh too. For the Pilates devotee, the Intermediate Flow Tower is also popular!

Do you offer one on one classes as well as group classes?

Absolutely, it’s a large part of our offering as a Pilates studio. Clients come to TMR for different reasons, some come for the complete Pilates experience where we weave our magic using the broader Pilates system on the apparatus that is relevant to their needs and goals. This can really only be done in a Private session; it’s difficult to play with the neck tensometer in a group session! Other people seek us out for a one on one class as they are not performing at their best – they might have pain or reduced function. If you are looking to be rebuilt, the method and a comprehensively trained instructor act as your secret weapon.

Are your classes suitable for all ages, both Men and Women?

YES. TMR has an option for everyone and we do our best to guide clients as to their best option in the initial private session – included in our new client special. The studio is developing a program for older clients and hopes to offer a class for children next year too. While we absolutely celebrate and champion equality, it would be wonderful to encourage more men to try the mighty method of Pilates so you might see a ‘mens’ class on the schedule next year.

What’s the best advice you would give someone who's a little hesitant to
try Pilates for the first time?

If you are seeking out Pilates, make sure the instructor is trained comprehensively and preferably a full member of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) or the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). This way, you can rest assured that they are well-educated and understand the craft. If you are a hesitant beginner, best start with a private session or two and share your concerns with your teacher. In this environment, the instructor can program accordingly and ensure that you are supported through your first Pilates classes which will lead only to great things.


The Movement Refinery would like to offer a gift to all friends of MoveActive, join us at our studio in North Fitzroy for a complimentary casual tower class or beginner classical reformer class.

To redeem -

1. Simply download ‘The Movement Refinery’ app, book either a tower class (under the group class menu) or beginner reformer class (under the specialty apparatus menu)

2. Go to the online store to purchase credit of one casual class and use the promo code MOVEACTIVE to receive your free class

*offer concludes 20 August 2018

*available to new clients only 

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