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What sparked your interest in Pilates and yoga?

I was going through some life-changing events, and was recovering from an injury at the same time. I got the support I needed by going to Pilates and Yoga classes in a studio in Melbourne (which was where I was living at the time). The experience I had was amazing - I felt welcomed, comfortable, not being judged or felt intimidated. The studio felt like a ‘sanctuary’ where I was able to forget about ‘life’ during my classes, and really focus on myself. Most importantly, I felt great afterwards! – filled with calm energy, and I felt grounded and centred. I tried looking for something similar when I moved back to Sydney but couldn't find any - and this is how

Leap was born!

When was Leap Health & Wellbeing established?

We were established in January 2018 and just had our official launch party a few weeks ago. Here's a wrap up of our launch party :)



What has surprised you about operating a studio?

How little I know about business! My background was in corporate finance, with a stint in corporate strategy. I thought that’d given me enough knowledge about how to run a business, but I was wrong! It’s been a very humbling experience to realise how little I actually knew. This is what I love about operating a studio – every day gives me new challenges, and with them, new learning.


What makes Leap Health & Wellbeing stand out from other studios?

We are not just another gym or ‘fitness centre’; we build community, not abs. We want to create a unique wellbeing experience where our members can reconnect with themselves when they come to our studio, and feel like the studio is a second home for them. We want our members to keep coming to us because they enjoy what they do here, not because they feel they have to. We are also the first studio in the North Shore that offers both the high impact training such as Functional Training, along with the lower impact training such as Yoga, Reformer Pilates and Barre. Another thing that we really pride ourselves on is education and knowledge. This is why we cap our beginner Reformer Pilates class to 10 members per class - so that they are able to master the basics and be comfortable with the equipment.


How did you decide on your service offering? What was your vision when opening the clinic?

A holistic centre that looks after every aspect of your physical training needs, in an inviting environment that makes you feel welcome. The Leap studio’s objective is for everyone that steps into it to become a better version of themselves by the end of the hour. I want the studio to become part of our member’s life, just like exercise should be – we’re not an 8-week program, we’re a life-long choice.


What qualities do you think are important for Leap Health & Wellbeing instructors to have?

Care factor; passion for sharing your knowledge; engaging and authentic personality. You can’t teach at Leap if you do not show that extra care factor to help people feel better, and help them be the best they can be when it comes to fitness.


What are the biggest challenges and rewards of your job?

So many challenges! The 2 biggest challenges I face are 1) finding superstar instructors, 2) spreading our philosophy with potential members. But the amazing feedback from my members make it all worthwhile! We have only been open for 4 months, but the amount of positive reviews across all platforms have been very encouraging; they give me the energy I need to tackle the challenges. I cannot be happier with the team I have currently – they get what Leap is about, and goes above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our members!


What’s your best advice on keeping our musculoskeletal system healthy?

1) Listen to your body, and move mindfully. Develop the body awareness to know what your body likes and doesn’t like. So often we see people pushing themselves beyond their body’s limits only to find themselves injured down the track. Learn to move correctly without going too hard too fast, for quick results. Pilates and Yoga are fantastic exercises anyone can and should do to develop body awareness.

2) Have a holistic training plan - this is why we offer a range of high impact cardio and strength training along with the lower impact training such as Yoga and Pilates.

3) Keep on moving! Inactivity is a silent killer! 


Who would you recommend Pilates to and why?

Everyone! We can all benefit from Pilates! See our blog post on the benefits of Pilates:




Why did you decide to stock MoveActive socks?

 Amazing range of design – my members love them!

 Easy to use online shopping system, and fast delivery

 Feel good factor – I get to donate part of my purchase to a charity


Where do you see Leap Health & Wellbeing in five years?

I've learned and surprised at how fitness and being in-tune with my body allows me to embark on a self-discover journey and I want my members to feel the same! The vision I have for Leap is to empower and inspire our members to take a LEAP towards the life they want and be the person they want to be through fitness.

We have a few exciting projects in the pipeline to bring this vision to life! So, stay tune!


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Leap Health & Wellbeing
Ground Floor, 799A Pacific Highway (corner Thomas Street) - Our entry is on Thomas St!
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(02) 8034 1886

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