Sanctuary on Peninsula Pilates, Mount Eliza, VIC

When and where did Sanctuary on Peninsula Pilates begin?

In 2015 we opened our doors in the upstairs of the beautiful Lotus wellness building in Mt Eliza Village on the Mornington Peninsula. 

What excites you about Pilates?

At Sanctuary on Peninsula we love to work with an endless variety of clients. From those who are discovering Pilates in their later years of life to the younger teenagers we have coming in to improve their dancing or sporting goals. The amazing versatility of Pilates is what gets us really excited.

Tell us about your team..

We have a fabulous team who have all been trained through the Australian Pilates Method Associations (APMA) extensive theoretical and practical training. Our teachers are all extremely passionate about the Pilates Method. Delve a little deeper and our team includes, dancers, occupational therapists a medical engineer and many other hidden talents. 

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

Guiding our beautiful team of teachers and watching them grow and develop their own unique style of teaching the Pilates Method. 

We love hearing our clients chat in the waiting area about their love and appreciation of how Pilates has changed their lives. 

How is your studio different to other Pilates studios?

The aim when opening Sanctuary on Peninsula was to offer not only amazingly skilled teachers who were able to handle the trickiest of bodies but to offer Pilates in an environment that was beautiful and complimented the mindful movement we are asking of our clients. 

What are the benefits of practising Pilates?

This is endless in my opinion but these days I really believe one of the biggest benefits is having that hour for yourself, to centre and focus in on your breath and the detail of the movement. In this crazy busy world the Pilates studio can be our little oasis. 

How many different classes do you have and which one is the most popular?

We offer studio Pilates, small groups of 4, personalised classes specific to the individual. Everyone has an initial assessment first so we can tailor the classes to their personal goals working with any limitations they might have. 


Describe your typical day at your Sanctuary on Peninsula Pilates?

It’s always busy but like a duck swimming type of way, smooth and calm on the outside but working hard under the water to give everyone their best class. We have busy mornings, coffee, notes and teacher chats in the middle and then it ramps up again ready for the afternoon/evening classes. 

Do you offer one on one classes?

We do have private classes for those wanting that bit more personal attention or wanting to delve deeper into specific aspects of their Pilates. Others with more complex needs sometimes rather a private class. 

Do you have any special offers for MoveActive customers?

For all MoveActive customers we're going to offer a special 10% discount on your initial assessment at Sanctuary on Peninsula Pilates.


Sanctuary on Peninsula
17 Ranelagh Dr, Mount Eliza VIC 3930.


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