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What has surprised you about operating a pilates studio?
How passionate my clients are about their health and fitness. All of my Pilates mat classes are limited to 8 participants, so I can correct alignment and ensure their technique is right during class. I absolutely love it when Clients ask questions and want to further their practice or even practice at home!

I also am so grateful that I am doing something I love each day, my job doesn’t feel like ‘work’. I have been an Instructor for almost 5 years and I’m still so incredibly happy and want to further my knowledge even more about Pilates and our amazing bodies. 

How did you decide what classes you would offer?
Pilates With Nikki offers Mat classes with a difference. I absolutely love designing new classes every week and felt this is what would make my heart burst with excitement everyday!

Each week the class is slightly different, using props to challenge muscles in all sorts of exciting ways. From Therabands, Overballs, Hand Weights to Foam Rollers… I sometimes add relaxation & Meditation at the end of class, to reflect on how we’ve just moved and how we are feeling. 

As a former Dancer and current Yogi as well, my classes are quite flowing and I love to add a bit more stretching (because lets face it, hardly anyone actually stretches in their spare time!) But I have been told that I am quite tough as well.

I am also about to embark on a new path, to become a Barre Instructor! Very excited to add Barre and Flow classes to my timetable in 2018.

What sets your Studio apart from others?
Pilates With Nikki is a Studio with no-judgement, it is the perfect place for every body type, not just the ‘flexible’ and ‘fit’. 

I teach my Clients to become more aware of their amazing bodies and posture. I inspire them to exercise with heart, to move because they love the way it makes them feel, not because they hate something about their body and want to change it. There’s a big difference. 

Why would you recommend someone start Pilates?
Pilates is for absolutely everyone! It’s perfect to gain core strength, to become aware of your posture, to become more flexible or to have an hour of ‘me-time’... we all need a little of that!

Why do you like MoveActive socks?
I love Move Active Socks because the designs are super cute and there is always new stock! With every colour and pattern under the Sun, there’s always a style to suit the active wear you’re in. I also really respect that $1 from every purchase goes towards a Charity. 

Where do you see Pilates With Nikki in 5 years?
I would love to have an even bigger community of beautiful Clients, and a fabulous mix of Pilates, Barre, Stretch and Flow on the Timetable. I absolutely can’t wait to see what the near future has in store for PWN. 

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I am one of Nikki’s biggest fans and attend classes twice weekly. I love pilates and moveactive socks!

Anne May 14, 2018

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