Pilates with Helen Clarke, Owner of Core Focus Pilates Studio!

On this week's Featured Studio we sat down with Helen Clarke, Owner and Managing Director Of Core Focus Pilates Studio to talk all things Reformer Pilates and what lead her on her own journey to run her own studio. 

How did you decide which classes you would offer at Core Focus Studio?

In my teen years, I always said to my parents I’d love to own my own dance studio. I absolutely adored dancing from my childhood to teens, to this current day. After discovering Reformer Pilates in my early 20’s and feeling and seeing the results it was doing for my own body, I wanted other people to feel just as fantastic!

That's why I decided on a Reformers Pilates as my core service offering. Later on, I was inspired while travelling to Bali regularly through my 20’s and working out at one of my favourite studios on the Island.

I discovered I could introduce ankle weights and the mat to make a fusion class that targeted clients who wanted a slightly higher cardio/HITT session. This complimented their Reformer Classes at the studios and in 2017 Core Burn classes were born.

What do you love most about pilates?

I love that you practice mindfulness, becoming truly more aware of your body and how it moves in space, and the fact that it strengthens your abdominals pretty much instantly and safely. After all my years of experimenting with different forms of exercise, Reformer Pilates is hands down the best way to tone, shape, strengthen and lean your body!


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What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

The biggest reward would be meeting all the amazing clients who come through the studio doors on their own journey to better health. And having a fantastic, supportive and talented team of instructors to work alongside with, making Core Focus an inviting community that offers challenging and informative Reformer Pilates classes.

What’s the most popular class?

Our most popular class would be our Reformer Align Class. These classes are open level reformer classes and each one is a full body workout which changes each session and with each individual instructor.

Apart from pilates how do you stay balanced while running a business?

I make sure I prioritise my family and my friends and spending quality time with them. I also ensure that I get time to enjoy my own fitness. It’s really hard to get a balance as month to month things can change dramatically, but I have learned that it’s okay to delay some opportunities or meetings to make that 45 minute walk or run or reformer class that you need to keep your own sanity and happiness.

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What’s the biggest challenge about running a fitness and Pilates studio?

The biggest challenge would be the fitness industry is constantly evolving and in some ways can become heavily saturated. I've found that working hard, keeping up with the trends across the globe, keeping a very strong brand, having a strong team, as well as a welcoming community and fantastic, fun classes is the key to staying ahead and on top.

I stay very focused on what Core Focus is doing and don’t really focus on our competitors. I know what else is out there but I don’t waste time focusing on anything other than my studios and constantly improving them.

What’s the biggest reward?

It would definitely be knowing you’ve created a community and space that clients leave feeling inspired, confident, happy, healthy and empowered. I love knowing that my passion has melted into the hearts of hundreds of other people who now share the same love for Reformer Pilates. That really is an incredible feeling knowing you’ve helped shape clients lives for the better.

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