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Pilates HQ is a tight knit studio located in Buninyong, a small rural town in Victoria. The studio prides itself on their personal approach to teaching and greeting their customers and creating a warm and happy space that everyone can feel comfortable in. Pilates HQ runs their business with inspiring values; promoting self love, making their clients feel good instead of what they look like and focusing on individual progression. 

Check out our interview with Pilates HQ below:

Pilates HQ Is Not Just A Pilates Studio But A Community. Tell us more about this…
For me Pilates HQ was and is about creating a space that people can come to and feel comfortable, feel welcomed and at home. Pilates HQ was about creating a space that I loved, I could feel comfortable in and somewhere that every single client could call their happy place, just like I do!!

We are located in a small township just outside of Ballarat, the tight knit community of Buninyong - and we wanted our studio to feel just the same, personalised and warm. We aim to make people feel like they are a part of something special and not just another body on a Reformer bed. To do this we really take the time to get to know each of our clients, making connections with each and every one, because we genuinely care. Our small class sizes and authentic approach are what we believe keep our clients coming back, we're a community within a community where people feel comfortable and accepted.

What makes Pilates HQ stand out from other studios?
I think every studio has their own little somethin somethin’ but for us it is probably our focus on each individual that comes through our doors. Our aim is on encouraging our clients to use our classes as a way to focus on taking some much needed “You Time”,without guilt, and on loving the skin they are in.

The other thing that makes us stand out from other studios, is probably our focus on providing our clients with progression and challenge throughout their pilates/fitness journey. We offer a variety of different levels of classes Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced and we structure our classes so that they gradually become more difficult as the weeks progress. We do this to provide our clients with movement goals, which helps to keep them motivated, to see progression and also allows them to focus more on what their body can do rather than what it looks like.

How did you decide which classes you would offer? What’s the most loved class run at Pilates HQ?
As a Physiotherapist I have always taught Clinical Pilates Classes, and so I knew that these classes would form part of our timetable. I also really loved the idea of fitness based pilates classes (rather than rehab),  as well as the challenge of putting together a flowing and challenging reformer class, so I knew that this was something I wanted to offer. There were also no Pilates studios in Buninyong at the time and no one else offering Clinical or Reformer Pilates, so I really wanted to spread some Pilates love throughout our town.

To be honest, that’s a tricky question to answer. All of our pilates classes are in high demand, which is so great and is a testament to all of our wonderful instructors and their delivery of our vision to provide our clients with a space and time to improve their health and wellbeing, simply by moving!

What do you love most about Pilates?
I love the fact that anyone and everyone can do Pilates. I love that you can use it as a tool to help people that are recovering from injury, surgery or chronic health conditions. But I also find it great that the “healthy” population can benefit from it as well. It is a powerful tool to help people build awareness and insight into how their bodies move and feel. I really love the personal satisfaction I get from teaching clients to do something not only really cool and challenging, but something that they never thought they would be able to do - and then the satisfaction and excitement they get out of it too - it's really rewarding!

What direction do you see Pilates HQ headed?
We hope to add in some really wicked Mat Based Strength Classes - a mesh of Pilates,Yoga & Gymnastics - that I have been learning from Heath Lander at White Dog Studio in Melbourne.

The main aim is to keep improving our classes and the services we offer our clients and for Pilates HQ to continue to bring a bit of happiness to the people of Buninyong for years to come!

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?
I think it would have to be getting to interact with so many amazing clients each day and seeing their improvement over the weeks/months/years...I really love it.

Why did you decide to purchase MoveActive socks for your studio? 
I am a bit of sock nut, and so I love the super snazzy designs and colourful array of socks that you guys offer! I really like how grippy the socks are too! One of the big things I love about MoveActive though is that $1 of my sock purchase goes towards a great cause.

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