Meet Cat Webb - Good Times Pilates!

How did you get into Pilates?

    Before I found Pilates I was not at all into fitness. I'd never had a regular movement practice before and my idea of exercise was being on the dancefloor until 2am. I'd just moved home from Sydney, after a job and lifestyle I thought I'd love didn't work out and some friends brought me along to a fitness style reformer class. I had no idea what I was doing. But I didn't hate it, so I kept going and going and going every day.


    What do you like about it the best?

      Woah, that's tough! My narrative around Pilates has evolved a lot since I first started, due to personal growth, finding purpose, professional exploration and developing my teaching philosophy. Right now what I like about it best is the people allowing me to be a catalyst for positive change in their own lives. I'm genuinely so full of joy and gratitude that I get to be there for that in others. Human connection is my biggest motivator.


      What gets you up in the morning? 

        Most of the time a 6 year old (not mine, my partner's little girl) and coffee always gets me going. After 4 or so years getting up at 5:15am most days, I don't teach many early mornings anymore. I need to preserve my energy for the running of my business. I'd like to say I get up and take a Pilates class, but that's not true. I'm going through a real faze of lacking motivation and instead really focusing on doing the work that goes into building a business. That's probably just an excuse though ;)


        What most excites you about this collaboration?

          I'm really pumped to be joining forces with another rad local small business. Collaboration and support are how I view what I do as a teacher, so extending that into other aspects of my life and business is really cool. Plus I've been telling the Good Times community about this collab for a while and I'm hyped to see our people (and others) wearing them!


          If you weren’t a Pilates Instructor and didn’t have your studio, what would you be doing?

            I literally have absolutely no idea. This feels like my life purpose. For now at least, it may evolve into something else, but the idea of making people feel good(er) will always remain. I would be utterly lost without giving.


            What’s your favourite treat or cheat meal?

              I don't view food that way. I eat everything I want to eat because food is one of the great joys in my life. My favourite thing to eat right now would be pasta. I'm working on making it at home, but my top 5 are: Cacio e Pepe at Bar Liberty, anything at Good Gnocchi, Crab Capellini at Cafe di Stasio, Vodak Sauce pasta at Capitano and the Spaghetti ai Funghi at Leonardo's. I'm also a sucker for soft freash cheese, anything burrata, fior de latte or stracciatella.


              If you could time travel, what era would you go to and why?

                To a future where equality is a given, diversity is celebrated, even casual racism doesn't exist, where men have given back their privilege, minorities see justice, where we all work together and everyone is part of their community.


                What’s your go-to quick and easy breakfast meal?

                  Scrambled eggs with spinach, parsley and hot sauce, plus coffee.


                  In ten years time, will you still be doing what you are doing now? If not, why?

                    Some version of it yes. I might not be teaching Pilates as much, but I'll absolutely be building business and community.


                    What are the best Pilates accessories you couldn't live without?

                      I have Raynaud's, which means I lose blood flow to my fingers and toes when I'm cold. It can be really uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The only thing the doctors recommend is to try to stay warm, so without grippy socks, I would actually freeze.


                      What do you wish you knew 5 years ago, and why?

                        I wish I knew you could question the standard narrative. Learning about and applying critical thinking to everything I do has entirely changed my perspective. Personal development is constant and it can be really tough. Always asking why you think or feel that way, how come that's the natural response, what if you were to think about it differently? Letting go of deeply learned and engrained expectations is f*cking tough, and liberating.


                        Describe your average day at Good Times Pilates?

                          When you own your own business, there is no average day, haha. I usually get up about 6:30am, I always have coffee and usually get a bit of time to sit in front of the computer first thing to check emails. I live about 5 minutes from the studio. My partner and I might go to our local coffee shop for some chill time before I start teaching. I'll teach some group class and maybe a private. Clean the studio. Probably run around a bit, doing errands. Hopefully then get a few more hours in front of the computer to answer emails and work on whatever project is the highest priority at the time.


                          Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

                            My partner. He does and has run his own business/s so he gets it. He inspires me to keep going, to question everything I do, to work smarter, not harder, to always do more, to stay creative and motivated.


                            Favourite place in the world to travel and why?

                              I haven't done heaps of travel, I've only been to Europe a few times and Bali a few times too. I'm going to the US in September. I like so many places for different reasons, but I'd really love to go back to Italy and spend a deacent amount of time in Siciliy, wandering and wondering, eating and cooking, hiking and swimming. That sounds pretty lovely.



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