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What sparked your interest in Clinical Myotherapy and Pilates?
From a young age, mum couldn't keep me from dancing to music so she put me into ballet classes. From there I enjoyed other styles and when my dance teacher offered mat Pilates, I jumped on board with that as well. My interest of human movement continued and I studied Clinical Myotherapy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. After a few years of full time work I decided to revisit my love for Pilates. Conveniently, Myotherapy and Pilates compliment each other very well!

When was Leigh Ting Myotherapy established?
In 2012 I made the decision to rent a room in a neurological physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne before moving the business to a physiotherapy Pilates clinic. In April this year, I began to transition from Melbourne to Sale which is my hometown. 

What is clinical Myotherapy and what is the relationship to Pilates?
From the Myotherapy Association Australia website, 'Myotherapy is the evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.' As myotherapists we utilise a range of modalities and hands on treatment in conjunction with prescriptive exercises to treat conditions and pain. Myotherapy and Pilates are both forms of physical therapy and the two marry very well. Both can be utilised for pain and injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and increasing athletic performance. 

What services do you offer at the clinic? Is it all one on one? Do you have group Pilates classes as well? 
The clinic offers Myotherapy consultations as well as one on one and two on one clinical and fitness Pilates sessions with scope to build in the future. 

How did you decide on your service offering? 
With a Myotherapy background, I prefer to work in smaller Pilates group settings. I find it more rewarding working closely with people to achieve their goals. 

What was your vision when opening the clinic?
My vision is to create a clinic that offers leading Pilates in conjunction with other allied health services. 

What are the biggest challenges of operating a clinic and doing consultations?
Finding the time to eat! Jokes aside I actually love what I do. I'm passionate about Pilates and Myotherapy and I don't necessarily define it as 'work'. 

What are the biggest rewards?
Easy. The biggest rewards are witnessing people achieve their goals. Whether that be pain relief, returning to work, increasing strength or flexibility, or participating in fun runs and competing in events. 

What’s your best advice on keeping our musculoskeletal system healthy?
Spinal mobility and keeping hydrated! 

What type of patient would you recommend Pilates to and why?
Pilates is for anyone and everyone. No matter the age or fitness level at any stage of their lives. Pilates can be utilised to treat pain, increase athletic performance and anything in between!

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