Introducing Pinnacle Health Club!

Pinnacle Health Club began in 2008, take us back to the beginning and how it
first evolved.

We took over our first club in Scoresby in January 2008. It was very run down and
needed a lot of love. We worked hard to reach the membership numbers we needed to hit to be able to reinvest back into the club and continue to grow. For us, it was about building strong relationships with members and the local community and adding value to our memberships. We soon launched free bootcamps, and we were one of the first 24/7 clubs in Victoria. We worked hard on streamlining our systems and processes, and then moved forward with a goal of location growth, targeting run down gyms and converting them into our very much loved Pinnacle Health Clubs. Recently, we’ve moved into greenfield sites as well having opened two brand new clubs in corporate parks. One of our values is Kaizen, meaning little improvements every day, and we believe innovation is a strength of ours. We have adapted and reinvested back into our clubs and our model many times over the past 12 years, and have now become the premium holistic health clubs you see now that incorporate our successful Wellness and Locker Room studios.

Tell us about the 6 Health Clubs and their teams.

Our clubs are located in Mulgrave, Scoresby, Caribbean Business Park, Oakleigh,
Upwey and Parkdale. They offer a premium look and feel with a variety of support
that our members can choose for their own wellbeing journey. From general gym
24/7 access with their own program to use on the gym floor, to Reformer and Yoga
classes in our Wellness Studios, or team training sessions in our Locker Room
studios. Members have reciprocal access to use all of our locations too. Whilst we
are predominantly a membership based facility, we welcome casuals. Anyone can
attend a class and the gym by booking through our Pinnacle Studios App.

What’s the biggest challenge in running a successful business?

People management is the most rewarding and also the most challenging. We have
a fantastic team that all share our values and vision. We’re lucky in this industry that
passion is a big part of what we do and that makes our jobs more enjoyable and

How are your studios different to other Studios?

Our studios are about fun, and empowering our clients to build strength both
physically and mentally. We’re a community and we pride ourselves on building
outstanding relationships with our members and clients. Our mission was also to bring the ‘city boutique’ feel to the suburbs and at an affordable price point. An added bonus is that you don’t need to look anywhere else for your exercise needs. We offer it all under one roof. Stop paying your gym membership, and then for your casual yoga class, or reformer, or HIIT session (or all), and instead set your schedule with us incorporating all of these great activities, for just one affordable membership.

Tell us about the classes that are offer at each studio.

Our Wellness Studios offer Reformer Pilates, and those that have a second studio
offer different styles of Yoga and Pilates as well.
• Pure 
• Strength
• Strength + Jump

Do you have any special offers for new members?

Yes, we encourage anyone who is considering us, to book into a complimentary
reformer discovery session, or a yoga basics class to see what we’re all about. Our
discovery sessions are limited for 4 clients at a time, and the manager will show you how to use our reformer beds, and introduce you to the exercises you will come across in class. They’ll be able to help you to understand how pilates can benefit you, and to recommend the classes best suited for your body and goals. It’s a great introduction to reformer and our studios.

I see that you have 24 hour access to your Premium Health clubs, what is the
busiest time of day?

It does depend on the location, for example our Corporate clubs are bustling just
before work, lunchtime and just after work. Our residential clubs are busy when you
would expect them to be, first thing in the morning, weekends, and evenings after
work. But there’s plenty of options to choose from in our clubs so members spread
themselves out and the vibe is motivating!

Do you have one on one classes as well as group classes?

We offer personal training at our clubs for those wanting that one-on-one attention.
We also have Exercise Physiologists available at our clubs that can support chronic
illness and injuries.

What does the future hold for Pinnacle Health Clubs?

We’d love to grow to further locations, and provide even more options to our communities, but for 2020, it’s about being the best we can be, further developing our team and motivating our clients for results. We have a few new programs launching in the new year from challenges, member competitions, to wellness retreats so plenty to be excited about.

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