Oski Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Meditation, North Sydney NSW


Tell us about Oski Yoga Barre Pilates and Meditation, when did it begin? 

We threw open our doors to warmly welcome new members on August 1st last year.   What a wonderful time of the year to open a Wellness studio.  The surrounding companies caught on quickly and local residents ran through the door.  We had recognised a need for a yoga, pilates, barre and mediation studio in North Sydney but to be honest, even we were blown away by the energetic reaction to us!


How long have you been operating?

12 months and 2 weeks!


Tell us about your team...How many instructors do you have?

We have the very best of the best instructors in Sydney without a doubt!   35 in total and every single one of them is liable and professional with a passion for what they do!


What are the biggest challenges and rewards in running your own business?

Finding enough hours in the day to get everything done!


How is your studio different to other Studios in your area?

We believe our studio is exceptional in the serenity it delivers, the harmony our members feel.  The sanctuary it creates for our busy members.


Do you have any special deals for new members?

Yes we do a fortnight introductory membership for $50 for unlimited classes for two weeks.   We would be honoured to extend an additional discount to MoveActive loyal customers.


Which class is the most popular?

We have introduced aerial barre, anti-gravity, slider barre, aerial tricks and we are hosting BUNGEE AERIAL trainer and student courses in November.


Do you have one on one classes as well as group classes?

Absolutey, that’s our speciality.


What does the next 5 years look like for your studio?

Introduction of more and more classes.  We are starting a Latin dance school on 2nd October.  Introducing the Rock and Water Program for adolescents soon, with much much more to come!


Oski Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Meditation

Fujitsu Building
Ground Floor, 15 Blue Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060

Email: info@oskiyoga.com.au
Telephone: (02) 9922 1979


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