Introducing 'Move For Better Health'

Tell us about Move For Better Health, when did it begin?

Move for Better Health began in 1997, and has provided Physiotherapy and Pilates services around Malvern, South Australia ever since! We have grown over the years to also provide services like strengthening & fitness classes, Yoga, Meditation, Dietetics and more.

Tell us about your team...How many instructors do you have?

We have a team of 10 Physiotherapists who are all trained in clinical Pilates. Some of our staff have specific interests within the area of Pilates, for example rehabilitation, fitness, pregnancy or post-natal.

What are the biggest challenges and rewards in running your own business?

It’s so rewarding to help people move better in their day to day life. We believe movement is medicine, and we love being able to guide and support people who may have struggling to improve otherwise. One of the biggest challenges is making sure we fulfil the high expectations we have of our staff, as it’s very important to us to maintain high quality customer service, treatments and exercise options. We provide weekly professional development for Pilates, as well as other regular training and paid courses to keep us learning and improving.

How is your studio different to other Studios in your area?

As all of our classes are run by Physiotherapists, they have a strong focus on individual attention and tailored exercises to suit each person. We hold Pilates classes where people carry out personalised programs which are designed especially for them, ranging to more general classes which are great for building strength and fitness.

We use Reformers, Trapeze Tables, Multichairs, Spine Correctors, Exercise Balls and other small equipment in our classes. We run over 50 Pilates classes per week, including Pilates Equipment, Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, and Beginners classes.

Our classes can also be claimed under private health insurance extras for Physiotherapy, as they are all run by qualified Physios!

Tell us about the GLA:D Australia Osteoarthritis program..

We’re so excited about our GLA:D Australia Osteoarthritis program! This is a new edition to Move as of August 2018. This 6-week education and exercise programme has enrolled over 30,000 participants in Denmark, Canada and Australia. Results have been outstanding with a significant reduction in pain and increase in physical activity for patients with osteoarthritis.

The course includes an assessment, 12 structured and supervised exercise sessions, 2 education sessions and a post course assessment. 12 months after the completion of the GLA:D program, participants, on average, experience 28% less pain and a 20% improvement of quality of life.

The Hydrotherapy classes sound great, what are the benefits?

Hydrotherapy can also be a good alternative for those who can’t tolerate land based exercise or haven’t progressed to that stage in their rehabilitation, or simply prefer exercise in a pool. Exercising in water is ideal if you have a condition or injury which is aggravated by weight bearing or exercising on land. We also offer 1:1s in the pool to help accommodate new participants or those needing extra attention, as well as general Hydrotherapy classes where people can carry out their own personalised programs.

Do you have any special deals for new members?

Every new patient who attends our clinic will receive a 10% discount at their first assessment! We provide this discount to welcome each individual to our clinic, and help them get started!

Which class is the most popular?

Our Pilates Equipment classes are very popular, as they allow each participant to do exercises which have been especially designed for them. These classes are limited to 5 people per class, and have a focus on maintaining proper technique.

What's your favourite class that you offer and why?

I love our Pilates Reformer classes, which are Physio-led classes solely on the Reformer machine. They are designed more for general fitness and strengthening. The Physio tells everyone what exercises to do, which makes for a good challenge which changes week to week.

Do you have one on one classes as well as group classes?

Absolutely! Many of our clients prefer to do 1:1 Pilates or Gym sessions instead of group classes. Sometimes people like that bit of extra guidance and attention. Other times they might need it because of complex health conditions or mobility issues meaning they may need modified exercises or additional support. Our 1:1s are flexible, and can be between 30 or 60 minutes depending on the goals and needs of the individual.

What is the best way to book a class at Move For Better Health?

Before starting any classes, we see each person for a 1:1 assessment. This allows the Physio to speak to you 1:1 about your health, history, movement, and most importantly why you’re starting classes! They will also get a good gauge of your level of fitness or mobility, allowing them to further personalise your exercise.

Anyone can book to see us for an assessment by phone (8373 5655), email (, or our online bookings page.

What does the next 5 years look like for your studio?

The next 5 years looks exciting and very busy! We’re very passionate about improving the movement and quality of life for a wide range of people, and we will do this by continuing to offer multi-disciplinary exercise and treatment options under the same roof.

We’re planning on expanding our clinic early 2019 to allow us to help more people and offer more services.

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