Axis Physio & Pilates, Surry Hills NSW

Tell us about Axis Physio & Pilates, where did it all begin?

Axis Physio & Pilates begun in 2016. Our director Tara Dighton had a vision to bring an exercise based model to Physiotherapy through Pilates & strength and conditioning programs in the gym. Her experience working with elite athletes and her background in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning, ensured that she possessed the necessary skills to run a successful business in assisting her clients’ recovery or improving their peak performance through conditioning. Our team of Physiotherapists bring an evidenced based approach to Pilates movements and strength and conditioning programs, making our classes unique compared to other studios. We know that injuries are best managed through education, strength, conditioning and rehabilitation.


Do you have a team that you work with? Tell us about them..

The team at Axis is Tara Dighton Director, Principal Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, Danielle Hocking Practice Manager and Pilates Instructor, Paul Minei and Camila Fernandes Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, Anthea Doropoulos Marketing Manager and Pilates Instructor, Therese Audibert and Tanja Kegel Pilates instructors and Kanako Abe Remedial massage therapist. At Axis Physio & Pilates, we are a team of like-minded health professionals who are committed to understanding all the needs of the clients and working with them to achieve their individual goals. We strive to take our clients to the next level; whether it is through early, mid or late stage injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, sports specific core strength and conditioning, improved body awareness or general whole body strength and conditioning; our team is highly skilled at assisting every clients’ needs. Our Physiotherapists ensure evidence based practice is delivered into our classes, giving our clients the silver service of a studio Pilates class.


What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

The ultimate reward comes through our client success stories. Enabling them to reach their physical peak through movement education, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning, which is 100% satisfying.


How is your studio different to other Studios in your area?

At Axis Physio & Pilates we pride ourselves on attention to detail and the personal programming we give to each individual client. What makes our studio unique is the evidence based model that we use from our Physiotherapists, who continually train
all our instructors on how to structure classes for our injured clients, and athletes
who are trying to reach their peak physical performance for competition, which make up 85% of our clientele. We deliver personalised studio classes for each individual in the class based on their goals and physical assessment performed by our Physiotherapists. Our studio also offers Physiotherapy, Sports and Remedial massage to our clients, ensuring that they are always looked after; from acute injury presentations with the Physiotherapists and then back into the Pilates studio. This model of continuing care ensures that our clients always receive the program they need based on our Physios’ recommendations.


Do you offer anything for new members?

All our members receive the silver service from the moment they become a client with us. We deliver a high quality service that leaves our clients 100% satisfied.


How many different classes do you have and which one is the most popular?

Our Studio classes are most popular, due to the individualised attention and specific program offered to each client. We also run pre and post natal classes, private one-on-one classes, Pilates for runners, cyclists and dancers.

What's your favourite class that you offer and why?

Anthea would say pre and post natal as she gets to cuddle all the babies! We love all our classes at Axis because they are filled with all our wonderful clients. Our sports specific classes for runners and cyclists are always fun as we get to work each client towards competition and see their achievements on a regular basis.


Do you have one on one classes as well as group classes?

Yes, we offer private one-on-one classes, small group Studio classes, sport specific Pilates classes and pre and post natal classes.


Where do you see your studio in the next 5 years?

At Axis, we are all about maintaining a high quality of service to our clients. We see ourselves continuing to move with the changes in rehabilitation and sports medicine, and will constantly update our programs for our clients to ensure they will always receive the best evidenced program to assist their recovery or improve their athletic performance.


Axis Physio + Pilates

21 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9211 4323

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