All For One, Yarraville VIC

Tell us about All for One Studios, where did it all begin?

All for One began with husband and wife Richard and Nadine wanting to change the way health and wellness was being delivered. All for One is built on the understanding that you can't have physical health without mental health and vice-versa so we wanted to bring together a team all under one roof to help people achieve their health and wellness goals and live their best life.

Do you have a team that you work with? Tell us about them..

We have an amazing and constantly growing team! Our team is everything to us and we spend a lot of time searching for the right people to be a part of All for One. We want to make sure that we only have the most experienced and passionate team and also that we all have a passion for holistic healthcare and the benefits that can bring to people.

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

As we are only a new studio (4 months old!) it has been so rewarding after going through the stress and long nights of the design, planning and fit out process to now seeing people in the space, enjoying and benefiting from what All for One can offer. We love meeting everybody and also seeing our community grow together as well get to know one another. And the biggest reward is when people come to us and tell us the difference that All for One has been able to make to their lives. It makes all hard work well and truly worth it.

How is your studio different to other Studios in your area?

Our Studio is different in that we offer all services under one roof and as part of one team. In the past there has been a disconnect between Physiotherapist's and Yoga teachers and Pilates teachers etc so this enable us to all work together with one goal. We also different in that we offer Pilates, Yoga, Spin, Meditation, Boxing all on one membership so people can mix and match their sessions easily.

Tell us about the Treatments that you offer.

We offer Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Massage, Nutrition, Performance and Wellbeing coaching/psychology, Exercise Physiology, Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Spin, Boxing....with circuit classes to come soon.

Do you have any special offers for new members?

For new guests to the studio we offer $50 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes so they can come in and try as many classes as they like.

How many different classes do you have and which one is the most popular?

A lot! They are all popular as we encourage our members to mix their classes as they will gain different benefits from different classes. We find often people get stuck in one form of exercise so they really appreciate the opportunity to mix it up.

What's your favourite class that you offer and why?

That's like asking us to choose a favourite child! We have a special love for our Fundamentals' Beginners classes in Pilates and Yoga as our big passion is bringing new people into these disciplines and showing them the benefits they can get. It can be confronting for people to come to a new studio and try out Yoga or Pilates for the first time,especially when you feel like everyone else knows what they are doing and you don't so we make a real effort to make it approachable and comfortable for everyone so that all can benefit.

Do you have one on one classes as well as group classes?

Yes we offer one on ones in all classes and this can be very beneficial for those wanting a more tailored experience or for treating injuries/pain.

What does the future hold for 'All for One Studios?

A whole lot of happiness! We just love what we are doing and seeing the smiles and people enjoying themselves. We will be adding in new services soon with Circuit classes and also Clinical Strength classes which are similar to Clinical Pilates classes except using weights and gym equipment to treat injuries and pain.

We are also very passionate about growing Meditation and mindfulness for the next generation so we will be starting Kid's Meditation and Mindfulness/Yoga sessions soon. We also run a school program where we go out to schools and run workshops on Mindfulness, Yoga and healthy eating.


All For One

13 Campbell St. Yarraville.

VIC, 3031.

ph: 03 8319 9945



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