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Tell us when Evolve Studio first began…

Having a studio of my own has always been a huge dream of mine. Evolve started almost 8 years ago working from home, the park, numerous gyms and physio practices. Everything I have learnt and accomplished has been to get to where I am today, it’s so crazy to look back on the journey Evolve has had. We are coming up to our 1st birthday at Evolve Studio on the 25th of September, it’s going to be such a milestone. 

Have you always been interested in running your own Pilates Studio?

As I said before, having a studio of my own has always been a massive dream of mine. When I did my STOTT Pilates course that dream intensified and I knew that I had to do everything in my power to make it happen – I didn’t care how long it took me, I just knew that it was something I had to accomplish, and with the help from some amazing people I did it!!

Tell us about your team members!

My team members are amazing, we all help each other stay on the right track! Evolve wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of my team as they are all so passionate about what they do, and it makes work run so smoothly! It is honestly just like one big family where everyone is just doing something they love. Everyone has made their job roles their own and really shaped it to be what they want it to be, I love the freedom I can give them because I trust in my team and the vision they have. 


Your studio is described so beautifully on your website, how important is it to have an environment where people feel comfortable?

So so important, this is one of our core values here at Evolve! We want everyone that walks through our door to instantly feel at home and comfortable, by empowering our clients we help them feel happy in their own skin and body! Our clients are from all walks of life and we feel it is our job to help break body stereotypes and help people feel at one and comfortable within themselves. 

As our motto states – empowering your body and mind, you must be in unity in both these aspects.

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

Seeing all the amazing accomplishments not only my clients, but my team makes as well. Every single person that comes into the studio flourishes and reaches goals they never thought possible. It’s so wonderful to witness and know that I’ve been part of their journey.

Do you think there is one thing that sets your studio apart from the rest?

Absolutely, we definitely think about all the small details at Evolve to make a place that is tranquil and peaceful. Evolve Studio is not only a place to exercise, is it also a place to nurture your mind, create lifelong friendships and a place where dreams happen. From the start we have always thought out the box on how we can stay away from being mainstream, it’s our goal to make a difference to our clients lives as well as the community. The drive and passion our clients have really shines through here and makes this place even more special. 

Do you have any special offers for new clients?

Absolutely, we have our two Intro Offers, a Studio Intro Offer and a Reformer Intro Offer. Our Reformer Intro Offer is the more popular one, at $99 its an unlimited pass for two weeks in which you can book any of the available classes we offer. The Studio Intro Offer is $69 and is the same concept as the Reformer Intro Offer – two weeks of being able to book any of our available Studio classes! These are a great deal for our new clients as they get to see what we have to offer, without any commitments or lock in contracts.

What is the most popular class?

Our most popular class is definitely our Reformer class, absolutely everyone loves them. We started off with 16 Reformer classes on our schedule and a year later we offer 26 Reformer classes. The Reformer is such an amazing piece of equipment, there is so many uses for it and everyone who uses it whether it’s for a normal class, a full-on workout or a rehab session, they leave feeling stretched out and realigned.

Tell us about your TRX Suspension Sculpt class…

TRX is such a great workout, for those clients who come over from gyms we describe it as being similar to lifting weights - just using your body weight and with no pressure on your joints. This class is designed to deliver fast results for those wanting a longer, leaner look. We incorporate traditional TRX exercises with a mix of Pilates & swiss ball movements to develop the bodies overall posture, stability and strength.

How popular is your Zenga Flow Rehab Matwork?

Zenga Flow is one of our most important rehabilitation classes we have brought to the studio, our clients are loving it! It is 45 minutes of relaxation, stretching and getting the energy meridians unblocked, we pop on some relaxation music grab the thera bands, spikey balls and foam rollers and get the body realigned and stretched out.

Do you have one on one classes as well as group classes?

We sure do, we have our private sessions that give new and existing clients the chance to have one on one time with a very tailored session. Our private sessions are so popular and a lot of the time we book out weeks in advance. 

Does Evolve Studio have any exciting plans for the coming year?

Absolutely, we are forever growing and evolving at the studio so the team and I are always planning and thinking about what we can do next. We have just added some awesome classes including Boxilates and a whole new approach to a few of our Reformer and Matwork classes – ‘Reformer Amplified’ and ‘Matwork Amplified’. We are always working on new workshops and events to host at the studio, each time making them bigger and better. So keep an eye out on our socials for any new exciting things that we have here at Evolve Studio.

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I just love the space Meagan and team have created at Evolve Studio. They are a very caring, nurturing, supportive team and make exercise, fitness and well-being so much fun that I look forward to my classes each week.

Cathy Brown January 18, 2023

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