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It's not hard to understand why we chose to feature CGM Pilates as our Studio Of The Moment. From being conscious of their ecological footprint, their core values and the beautifully fitted out studio, we were very excited to have the chance to chat to the co-founder Colina. 

CGM Pilates opened up just recently when Colina and her husband Chris noticed a gap in the market for Pilates classes on the sunshine coast. While there's lots of emphasis on health and wellbeing, Pilates hadn't become popular yet in the area. 

Pilates is a very mindful exercise and CGM Pilates focuses on mind-body conditioning, in a refreshing and relaxing space to give their customers the complete Pilates experience. 

Read our interview with co-founder Colina below.

How have your first two weeks been?
Absolutely amazing, we are so grateful for the support we have received from friends, family and most of all from the locals on the Sunshine Coast.

What encouraged you to established CGM Pilates?
My husband and I moved to the Sunshine Coast a year ago and noticed that many people on the coast didn't know what Pilates was or had not yet experienced it. Given our knowledge of the benefits of Pilates we were really surprised by this. We also noticed that everyone here is so active and interested in health and wellness so it just seemed like the perfect time and place for CGM Pilates to open.  

What has surprised you about operating a studio?
Actually the most surprising thing to me at the moment is the amount of people that don't know what Pilates is! I am loving that we have the opportunity to educate locals on Pilates and the benefits it can provide. 

The studio interior is absolutely incredible. Did you have this vision from the beginning? 
Thank you, we love the studio interior too and would like to say thank you to Ash Living who helped bring our vision to life. Yes, from the moment we decided to open we had a very specific vision and we couldn't be happier with the end results.

What inspired the space?
Clean, fresh, tropical vibes was our inspiration. We wanted to create a space that people will want to work out in.

What makes CGM Pilates stand out from other studios?
At CGM Pilates we offer the complete Pilates experience, it really is a place like no other. Since Pilates is a system of mind-body conditioning we wanted the studio to be a place where you can escape, a place to challenge your body and energise your mind. 

Our studio is equipped with the world class Allegro II Reformers, they are most versatile Reformers on the market (and of course they are beautiful!).

What also makes us different is that we really care about our ecological footprint. Where possible, the studio fit-out is proudly built from local and ethically produced items, from the hand-made reclaimed timber furniture to the 100% VOC free paint on the walls. 

Of course I have to mention our teachers (ok, so at the moment, that's just me!). With over a decade of experience and qualifications I have a teaching style that my clients seem to really warm to. I nurture my clients whilst still challenging their bodies which I believe is a real point of difference.

When did you start practicing Pilates? How did you get into it?
I was first introduced to Pilates as a teenager whilst I was studying professional dancing. At the time I was encouraged by my dance teachers to do Pilates to improve my ballet technique. 

What qualities do you think are important for a Pilates instructor to have? What will you look for when you hire more instructors?
The biggest quality I look for is personality. An instructor can have all the experience and skills in the world but without the right bubbly, nurturing and understanding personality it doesn't matter. These are the qualities I will be looking for.

What do you get out of teaching someone how to practice Pilates?
I could talk about this forever! Simply put though, I get a lot of joy out of helping people improve their quality of movement.

What are your thoughts on Yoga & Barre, do you like Pilates more? Why?
I love them all! At CGM Pilates we offer Barre and Pilates classes, this is because this is what I find to be an effective combination of movement. Personally, I just love the technique in Pilates and the way you can specifically target muscles of the body to help improve mobility.

What have been the biggest challenges and rewards been so far on your CGM Pilates journey?  
The biggest challenge to date was finding the right space. We are very lucky to be located in the brand new Kon-Tiki building which is the first building in the new Maroochydore city centre, it really is a prime location on the Sunshine Coast.

The biggest reward has been meeting my clients! I can't believe the support we've received so far, it really has been incredible.

Why did you decide to purchase MoveActive socks for your studio? 
Well what's not to love about them! They are comfortable, they look great, and I want to support an Australian company. I also love the ethos behind MoveActive and am a big fan of the Move for Change movement, giving back is so important to me.

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