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Here at MoveActive, we are super excited to launch #StudioOfTheMoment! We test drive and check out amazing Yoga, Pilates and Barre studios for our #Movers, so they can discover quality studios too!  And, because we’re extra thorough, we do a fun little interview with the studio owners to get a true glimpse into the inner workings of their studio, and their take on health and fitness.

As lovers of yoga and pilates in Melbourne, we are spoilt for choice with all these amazing studios, with new ones popping up seemingly every week! To kick #StudioOfTheMoment off, we sent Amy our MoveActive Marketing Coordinator off to check out Apparatus, conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Here is what Amy thought...

I was immediately drawn to the uniqueness and variety of the classes on offer – they don’t just offer plain old Pilates, they have Pilates with:

  • Ball (Utilising an Exercise Ball)
  • Circle (Utilising a Pilates Circle/Ring for added resistance/weight)
  • Band (Utilising Resistance Bands)
  • Mixed (Utilising a combination of Small Apparatus: Ball/Circle/Band)
  • Roller & Recover (Utilising a Roller/Spiky Ball for Fascia Release)

 How’s THAT for variety?! They even offer small group training classes, which offer any combination of drills, boxing, kicking, jump rope, dynamic, isometric or plyometric movements and core training – no two sessions are the same! The Saturday morning class has an optional social brunch after the session (#MoveAndNourish – it definitely ticks all of the boxes!)

I tried the Pilates Ball, which after a day of sitting at the desk, really woke up my body, and mind! The utilization of the exercise ball with postural Pilates techniques was a true challenge to really test the strength of the abs with concentration and balance put to the test. I’d highly recommend any Pilates lovers to shake up their practice with these different Apparatuses! Not to mention the minimalistic and earthy design is stunning.

We then had the pleasure of interviewing Tina, the studio owner and brains behind Apparatus.

A: Where does the name ‘Apparatus’ come from? 

T: The word 'Apparatus' can apply to purpose built equipment. It's not specifically confined to exercise, but is a term often associated with Pilates, due to the range of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. Most people will probably be familiar with the Reformer.

That said, small balls and the Pilates circle (aka the Magic Circle or Ring), are known as small apparatus, and we also have TRX. So, any item that is required for particular exercises can be thought of as Apparatus, and that was the idea that stayed with us.

A: What was the catalyst for you starting Apparatus?

T: Having a studio was an idea we'd entertained over the years, but never really explored. We both come from active backgrounds and some of CJ's experience crossed into the fitness industry. An opportunity arose, and through that we ending up evolving to where we are now.

I think a lot of sporting/active people encounter injury and often don't know what to do with it. Sometimes injuries are downplayed, but ignoring them can lead to compensated movement and further injury. I've been guilty of this, and I've seen it in others. The downside is that it can seriously impede or end your training.

That's the reason that one of our mantra's at the studio regarding training, or working out, is about keeping yourself in best condition you can, to do the things you love, for as long as possible, because that's what we want to do.

It's also another reason why I connect with Pilates. I've had injuries that have prevented me from improving and I didn't address them. When you struggle to do things that were once easy for you, it's a wake up call.

The increased accessibility of Pilates is a tool people can use to not only help themselves, but take more of a responsibility towards their bodies. You only have one to take you through life, so dedicating a handful of hours each week is a small price to pay to be able to stretch, strengthen and balance your body.

We hope that's something we can convey through our practice at the studio in regards to helping clients help themselves.

A: On the weekends you’ll find me…

T: Taking a break. The weekend is usually a mixture of catching up or preparing for the following week, getting some extra sleep and being social. I have plenty of interests outside the studio that keep me occupied. We also really enjoy walking the city streets. There's always something new to see.

A: The interior of Apparatus is stunning, who’s the interior designer? What was your inspiration?

T: Thank you! We actually designed it ourselves. Both of us enjoy being hands on, and CJ's skillset lends itself to quite a few different areas. We got quite a kick out of it when one of our clients—whose background is in architecture—gave us their stamp of approval.

In regards to inspiration, we're a fan of clean lines, and the idea of minimalism. The design seemed to align itself with the emphasis on space in studio two, and the wood (thanks to Luke and Viki from Viking Woodworks), an earth connection, that return to simplicity, or basics.

A: Favourite Pilates move and why?

T: I find it hard to choose just one. Pilates is full of beautifully simple, functional movements. That said, there are certain ones that demonstrate strength and elongate or display the physique in such a stunning way, so I'd have to say Scorpion on the Reformer.

A: What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

T: Water, moisturizer and eye cream. Cleanser in the evening and a face scrub a few times per week. When it comes to the daily routine, I'm quite simple. I usually save make up for social outings, or if I feel like it.

A: Favourite place for healthy brunch?

T: That's a hard one. Melbourne and its outskirts are abundant with great places to eat, and we tend to go through phases. Lately we've been frequenting Mister Close. I find comfort in bircher or porridge, so will often have either well after lunchtime.

A: Apart from Pilates, how do you stay balanced while running a new business?

T: Sleep. Hydration. Food.

All three are overlooked, but it will eventually catch up with you. When you're in a forward facing environment, your clients will notice if you look sleep-deprived, and your energy levels will suffer. Low energy levels will also affect your instructing and your capacity to manage affairs.

Support is very important. And learning to be organised if it's not your forte.

Oh, and taking one day at a time. It's easy to become overwhelmed, but if you remember to be grateful for the small things, you'll realise that there will be some things that are just not worth worrying about.

Tina - Apparatus Studio Owner. Apparatus

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