10 Minutes A Day Will Change Your Body…And Your Life!

A trim, taut, toned body and a balanced, happier mindset is achievable…all you need is a spare 10 minutes!  I am a huge believer in the power of short, sharp and sweet workouts. They energise your body, boost your circulation, get your metabolism firing and create beautifully sculpted muscles!

I ensure that I always develop new, challenging and effective 10 minute videos for our Online Pilates Studio, they can reprogram your body and boost your fitness! Read on to see how moving even just for this short amount of time will get you to your fitness goals!

10 minutes is convenient and achievable, so you’re more likely to be consistent and do it!

How often have you put off a workout because you’re pressed for time or simply can’t muster up the energy for a long workout? Some days it all just seems too hard and tomorrow seems so much better. But regardless of how hectic your schedule is, 10 minutes can be found, and it’s over before you know it! Can you fit in a workout before your household wakes up? Or while dinner is cooking? How about just before bedtime? Find it, fit it in and watch your body change!

10-minute workouts boost your metabolic rate for hours after you finish!

Guess what? You don’t just burn calories during your workout…you reap the benefits all day long! Whilst you are doing your workout your metabolism increases, which means your body is a fat burning furnace as your heart rate elevates and your muscles work. Your metabolism stays high for hours after you finish your workout…so your 10 minute bursts are stoking the fire for so much longer! An early 10 minute workout first thing in the morning followed by a healthy breakfast is the perfect start to your day!

10-minute workouts help your concentration levels and reduce stress!

Increased blood flow to the brain during exercise improves your focus and dramatically reduces stress. When you are feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you feel like doing is a workout! Although you are feeling on edge, that’s actually when you need to look after your mind and body the most. During my most hectic, chaotic times, I absolutely rely on my short workouts from the online studio such as the “Toned In Ten Series” to settle my nerves and get clear my mind. So the next time your feeling frazzled, put your energy into a Pilates workout rather than pacing the room and chewing your nails!

Isn’t it exciting and inspiring to know that 10 minutes can have a dramatic impact on you mind and body? Try this incredible, challenging 10 minute leg workout from our online studio: “Bridge The Gap Workout”



A bit about our guest blogger - Lisa

Lisa Pentony is driven, ambitious and a house hold name in Pilates. Lisa was one of the first pilates instructors to create an online studio. She is responsible for the online hub, Pilates by Lisa, where members have unlimited access to over 140 online workout video's.

The Gold Coast local started teaching pilates 5 years ago after falling in love with the concept. Along with teaching pilates in a studio in Burleigh, Lisa saw a gap in online studios and felt a need to offer her workouts on line so they can be accessed anywhere in the world anytime.

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 instagram: @PilatesbyLisa I facebook.com/PilatesbyLisa

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