Why your love of Pilates will stand the test of time

I am a fickle person with a very short attention span, however my love of Pilates has stood the test of time, and I know yours will too.

Why? Because Pilates is all about moving your body.

Pilates provides you with so much more than simple movement. When you think about your mind body connection, and feel your body moving, you develop a sense of awareness in your body.

The precise movement of most Pilates exercise helps you control movement through your body. This means you can move with greater fluidity, and was one of the main reasons Pilates was originally used by ballet dancers.

Pilates allows you to move in all planes of movement

Today we are to often seen hunching over our phone or computer, which creates postural imbalances, pain and muscular tightness. Pilates encourages not only the stretching and lengthening of these tight muscles, but also the strengthening of muscles through movement and extension.

Pilates strengthens your postural awareness

Pilates exercises help you become more much aware of how you move, sit and stand. With an improved awareness of your posture, you sit straighter, stand taller, and look like a model.

Great posture also makes you look more confident; remember this next time you go for a job interview.

Pilates improves your core strength

Good core strength is really important in preventing injury to your lower back. We often sit for too long with poor posture, which places unnecessary pressure on our spinal discs. When we have a stronger core we are able to alleviate some of the pressure placed on our spine, which means no more back pain.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get to your next Pilates class...

Author: Emma Olifant

A little bit about Emma: Emma is a passionate and experienced Pilates instructor who has taught Pilates for 10 years both in Australia and internationally. Emma's background as an Occupational Therapist ensures that classes are run with a holistic approach. Emma's passion for creating and supporting health and wellbeing is the reason that Pilates Wellness Australia was born.

Pilates Wellness Australia runs studio Pilates classes, Group Bootcamp and Matwork classes at a range of locations. 

 For more information contact info@pilateswellness.com.auwww.pilateswellness.com.au

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