Bella Ballet Barre!

Happy Spring, MoveActive friends! Isn’t it lovely to be gradually peeling off the layers? Yes, the summer dresses are finally stepping out from the back of the wardrobe and we’re all amping up our efforts to streamline those winter bods! Currently, in the MoveActive office, we’re mad about ballet barre.

Barre incorporates a range of Pilates and ballet stretches, and it cleverly targets the body’s lesser-used muscles. The overall effect is toning of the entire body. Barre workouts also use interval training, which means high intensity fat burning, quick results and a faster road to longer, leaner, and most importantly, sexier summer bods.
Although, a little nervous prior to our first barre session, it wasn’t long before we Move girls felt both confident and elegant as we stretched ambitiously towards the ballet barre (along with our better selves!) It definitely helps that these sessions are super fun.

It should be confessed, however, that another crucial thing about our barre mania is that the ballet origin seems to put our imaginations into overdrive, convincing us that we are strong, feminine Natalie Portman-esque style ballet dancers. Our penchant for pirouetting around the office post a 60 minute barre session is continually increasing and, I might add, our finesse in doing so is as well.

The most fun of all, though, is choosing outfits to match our ballet personas. We all know that feeling stylish pre-workout is a surefire way to rev up results. In fact, we’re pretty sure that this is science.

Classic ballerina in peony pink? Or dark swan in sultry black? Perhaps a mix of the two? Maybe throw on a tutu for extra glamour? Yes, the options are endless.

We’d love to hear about your go-to workout at the moment, and of course your stylish ensembles. Naturally, you know we have the socks to match…..

XX MoveActive team.

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