Happy Feet – Happy Hearts.

A big hello to all our MoveActive friends!  How are you travelling as we nestle into 2014’s winter? The good news is that we’re just a few days past the winter solstice. Yipppeee!

Winter solstice is the shortest day of daylight for the year, in contrast to the summer solstice, proudly marking the longest day of the year.  (Ticket to New York anyone?)

I know there are definitely some doona-hugging fans amongst us. Yes, I respect and admire thee. However, for all of those people reveling in the cozy Australian winter, there are undoubtedly equal or more, struggling with the chilly winter mornings, not to mention their personal fitness goals!

If, like me, you’ve neglected a few workouts or poured the occasional red wine in lieu of the spirulina juice, not to worry. As the saying goes, ‘Everything in moderation.’ Take heart in the knowledge that our days are now growing longer!

Each year, I see the winter solstice as a definitive turning point. I liken it to hitting hump day on a Wednesday, but in the broader seasonal context!  Everything becomes just that touch easier after the longest, darkest day of the year. Makes sense really.

Of course, MoveActive is always here to help you along with any wintery fitness hiccups! Workouts are infinitely better when we look and feel our best, and what better way to perk up wintery moods than to slip into one of MoveActive’s new designs?

Happy feet, Going Camo, Leopard and Snow Leopard are in stock and on shelves; ready to work their magic in your workout wordrobes!  Not to be forgotten is our racy fashionista, Black Tie.  Believe me, you won’t want to take these guys off!

So long winter blues - Hello slinky summer silhouettes!  


 Sending you lots of warm MoveActive love XX

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