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Geelong Pilates Studio is a boutique workout space that prides itself on their high quality customer service and their tailored approach to assisting customer's injuries or improving their flexibility and strength. They try to remain small enough to keep this level of personalised focus on each client and construct a long term workout plan to achieve each customer's goals. 

Lu Abrecht, the founder of Geelong Pilates Studio has been practicing pilates for over 10 years and has a background in Gymnastics and Dancing. She continuously introduces new workouts and classes throughout the year to keep the studio fresh and interesting for new and long-term clients. An 8 week Beyonce Dance Course recently started which is becoming very popular! 

Geelong Pilates Studio has a stunning interior, high quality equipment and a team of professional and skilled trainers - Check out our interview with Lu below!

What was the driving factor behind establishing Geelong Pilates Studio?
I developed my method for Geelong Pilates Studio after many years of learning about the body. My active lifestyle and experience as a gymnast and dancer lead to me discovering the life-changing benefits of Pilates and gaining a true understanding of the mind body connection and developing a passion for wanting to share this with others.

What is the most rewarding aspect about running the studio?
Geelong Pilates Studio is defined by its unique ability to match the needs and accomplish the goals of every client with the belief that a one –size-fits-all approach is not effective. Because we develop custom exercises to accommodate and challenge each body, teaching precision of movement to prevent injury we see huge change in so many of our clients - not only physically but mentally there is a huge shift that is so lovely to see. My detailed approach to teaching ensures access to every muscle, resulting in a long, lean, healthy body. As a teacher I often witness massive change in my clients - bodies become toned and balanced, unwell and injured clients become stronger,  pain lessens and everyday movement becomes more fluid - Seeing these changes is the core reason for my passion to help people through Pilates.

Where do you see Geelong Pilates Studio in 5 years?
Keeping the studio small is key to growth. My intention has been and always will be to give the upmost attention and care to every body that comes through the door. I want to work with my clients for life and continue to bring in new clients who will also commit long term - Keeping small means that we remain boutique and attentive to every clients needs.

Geelong Pilates studio continues to evolve by ensuring all our teachers are in the know with up-to-date training and keeping every class fresh and challenging. I am very aware that our clients love change so I regularly introduce new classes throughout the year  like our recent addition, 'Arms, Ab's and Ass' reformer class. We are also currently running a 8 week Beyonce dance course which our clients are loving!

Our newly opened activewear and gift shop in our reception area is a total a hit! -  we are selling some really fun Pilates wear, equipment and gifts and our favourite Pilates non-slips Move Active socks! Our aim is to keep it fresh, fun and most importantly offering quality classes week out.

When did you start doing Pilates and how did you get into it?
I have been practicing Pilates for over 10 years. I started while working in an office job overseas and I have never looked back! It was the first type of exercise where I noticed quick results attending 2 -3 times a week. I fell in love with Pilates because not only is it amazing for the obvious reasons - toning, lengthening and strengthening, it also teaches us to slow down, breathe and move with fluidity and balance. Pilates is all about quality of movement rather than quantity.. you will get much more out of completing an exercise precisely with low reps rather than smashing out 20 reps with bad technique. In every day life, Pilates naturally brings awareness to how your body moves, bends, lifts, stands, sits at a desk etc. Gravity pulls us in all the wrong directions as we age - I love Pilates  because it equips us with the tools to fight gravity, dramatically improving quality of life when attending regularly. The beauty of Pilates is that it is for everyone, young and old, weak and strong. It can be challenging or gentle..and, it's never too late to begin.

What is your favourite pilates move and why?
I love mermaid - it's such a beautiful stretch that opens up the back, waist, shoulders and chest allowing you to breathe deeply - it puts me at ease and is great for reducing anxiety levels.

What would you be doing if  you weren’t operating Geelong Pilates Studio?
Probably wishing I had a studio! I have wanted to be in my own studio since staring Pilates 10 years ago. If I didn't discover Pilates I think I'd be doing something in movement and helping people in a holistic way.

Apart from pilates how do you stay balanced while running a business?
It is tricky but I have had to learn to take time out to recharge so I am able to be completely available to my clients. I have an amazing team who I trust and adore and could not function without them. I have a couple of days off a week and as well as doing a Pilates class or going for a run/pt session, i have regular massage by a Myotherapist.

What’s the biggest challenge about running a fitness and pilates studio?
Time! there's never enough hours in the day. I have had to learn to let go and let others help me - and it's really the only way that it works and I love my team and my clients could not be happier with the service they receive.

Why did you decide to stock MoveActive at Geelong Pilates Studio?
We love MoveActive because the quality, colour range and branding are all amazing. Our clients cannot get enough of them. I think people love to wear fun colours that they typically wouldn't wear during the week. They are super grippy so are perfect for standing on the Reformer machines and gripping to the floor in Xtend Barre class.

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