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Pilates InSync was founded by former high school teacher Helen Stamatakos in 2006 in Menai, New South Wales. With over 10 years of pilates and 15 years of teaching experience, Helen has the perfect skills to to put towards coaching in the studio. With a strong knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the pilates method, Helen is able to provide high quality, effective and informed Pilates lessons to a variety of clients, from elite athletes to people with muscle injuries and back pain. 

To compliment the instructor's vast knowledge and experience, Pilates InSync has state of the art equipment including Allegro Reformers, a Trapeze Table, a Wanda Chair and a Ladder Barrel.

The studio is a well established, reputable place that focuses on bringing a positive change to the way a client's body looks, feels and performs while enhancing their quality of life through the practice of pilates. 

We got to have a interesting chat to the Helen about running Pilates InSync.

Check it out below;

What was the driving factor behind establishing Pilates Insync?
I discovered Pilates after the birth of my first child 16 years ago. I found it cured my back pain and wanted to share my passion and enthusiasm with everyone. I embarked on formal study of the method and together with my skills as an educator, I became a Pilates instructor. After seeing how Pilates helped people achieve a better quality of life, it inspired me to establish my own studio, Pilates Insync.

How did you decide the on the name?
Pilates Insync is made up of two words, “Pilates” which is the name of the actual method and “Insync”, chosen because you need perfect synergy between mind and body when practicing and mastering the Pilates method.

Where do you see Pilates Insync in 5 years?
Pilates Insync is still in its growth stage of the business cycle and will be approaching maturity in the next few years. A second or third studio is on the horizon. Also a possible franchise model is being developed.

What is your favourite pilates move and why?
My favourite move would have to be ‘The teaser’. This is because it represents perfect synergy of the upper/lower body, strength, flexibility and control. All the principles are in one exercise. I love it so much that a silhouette of the exercise has been incorporated in the Pilates Insync logo.

What would you be doing if you weren’t operating Pilates Insync ?
Prior to starting Pilates, I was a qualified High School Teacher of 15 years in the area of TAS and PDHPE. I would be still doing that today if not for Pilates Insync.

Apart from pilates how do you stay balanced while running a business?
Reading, cooking and spending time with my family. I love cooking and experimenting with recipes. My family keep me grounded and are the backbone of my success.

What’s the biggest challenge about running a fitness and pilates studio?
Biggest challenge is keeping it interesting and not taking the clients for granted

What’s the biggest reward?
Changing people’s lives for the better. I love receiving positive feedback from clients such as “Thanks to Pilates Insync, I now live pain free.”

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So proud of what Helen has achieved! I only wish I lived closer as I would attend her classes every day!! I have back issues and hip issues and would have no
Doubt Helen would be able To cure me! I went to high school With Helen and can lay testament to what she sets out to
achieve she always has done and done so with such class and professionalism. Congratulations on a wonderful successful business Helen! So proud of you :)

Nikki April 04, 2016

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